The Vile Eruption bug fix, the single biggest 'nerf' since shiradi.


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As some in the know are aware Vile Eruption is very buggy, not in a way that actually causes performance issues just in a way that is very very strong.
In the current live version of the game earthquake tags anything hit with a 30 second duration damage over time, every 3 seconds this damage over time is doing 2d6+1 acid damage PER CASTER LEVEL.
In low reaper or outside of reaper this ends up lasting a full minute for anything standing in earthquake at the start and at the end, this winds up as 52d6+26 ticking potentially 20 times for a total of 1040d6+520 on something like a raid boss on a single cast.
Now this is obviously overtuned, but totally removing the caster level scaling is overkill reducing the damage by 96% (and it ends up even higher if you have extra caster levels outside of the 26 reached by getting to 32 (not sure if the season's herald cores actually effect earthquake caster level as previously earthquake had no value at all from CLs), it takes it from an insanely strong effect where you can run through a quest only casting earthquakes and clear out every single enemy that follows you to being so weak it's not worth the weight it has on the effects queue.

Vile eruption absolutely does need some fixing but overall what is being done feels like overkill, it's going from an optimal average of 4160 to an optimal average of 160 - 160 is less than the damage of Strike the Cord.


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it should be fixed, not destroyed. Or the concept should be reworked to something else - this recent change isn't a fix, it's an obliteration that makes it worthless.


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Is this not how they always do it?

As in not reducing an effect to a reasonable level but nuke it from orbit so noone finds it worth using anymore? :cautious:


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I was a blightcaster a life or 2 ago and I didn't even bother taking that enhancement because I thought it worked as written lol