THF Paladin without adrenaline?


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If you were to make a THF Paladin but didnt like the way Adrenaline works - is there any alternative that does not completely handicap the build?


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I take you are asking about your primary destiny...

Divine Crusader making use of lots of smites I think would play fine in most content.

If you like tactics, Legendary Dreadnaught would be valid too. More so if you are PDK and use Great Swords to get the extra 1/3 of Cha Mod to your DCs.

I like going 30+ points in LD and then 23 points into FoW for Adrenaline just for boss fights/reapers on my THF Kensei.


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My paladin is using Divine crusader (30+), Legendary Dreadnaughtand (20+) and a couple of points on sentinel mostly for healing (thought the extra hp is handy). It don't have a decent dps for R6+ but can contribute on almost everything else.
There are a lot of options for a THF paladin depending on what you need or what you hate.


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As Raedier pointed out, Quick Cutter is an option. I recently experimented with it on a THF toon and it worked strongly in epics while leveling (routinely one-shotting mobs). At endgame in raids it does well, and on mid-to-high reaper it's performed okay, but if you're used to adrenaline you will definitely notice a downgrade in DPS the higher level content you go.

Advantages to Quick Cutter include the fact it has a 6-second cooldown as opposed to Adrenaline's 9-second cooldown. You only have to press one button to get its benifits, unlike Adrenaline which boosts your next landed attack, requiring two presses in succession (and if you miss your intended boosted attack a loss in intended DPS). Quick Cutter also only requires three points spent in the Fury of the Wild tree as opposed to fully upgrading Adrenaline which can be 9 points I believe, freeing up points for other enhancements. If you can make it to the fourth core in Fury, Be the Whirlwind, that will further upgrade Quick Cutter by adding a whirlwind of force doing 1d10 bludgeon damage per character level, which scales 200% with melee power.

Again the biggest thing you will notice, especially the harder difficulty, is the downgrade of single-strike single-target DPS Adrenaline can provide. You simply won't see the impressive numbers because of the lack of critical threat range/multiplier that Adrenaline does.

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If you are running Knight of the Chalice build with a strong Sunder DC then Divine Crusader was the destiny that was designed with your character in mind. Fury of the Wild is simply a more effective universal melee tree while Divine Crusader tends to be pretty Paladin focused.

Fury Cutter would be an alternative for times when you don't want to use consecration. And it's very cheap for a mere 4 epic destiny point investment. Unlike Adrenaline the fury cutter upgrades are all worthless. The only issue being that you'd have to forgo Unyielding or Dreadnought to take Fury.


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Another possibility could be The Sword Sings from Fatesinger. "Deals +50% Damage. +4 Critical Threat Range. Your weapon swings with the power of song, causing an additional 2d10 Sonic Damage per Character Level that scales 200% with Melee Power. Critical hits cause the target to be Stunned for 2 seconds, no save. On use, you gain a stack of Chords of Fate. Chords of Fate stacks lasts 30 seconds and stack up to 3 times. Cooldown: 4 seconds"

It's a "builder" attack for another attack in the next tier of Fatesinger, but by itself it's very useful, especially when leveling. If you're willing to add a follow-up attack to it, pair it with Blade of Discord, "Melee Cleave Attack: Deals +30% Damage. +2 to Critical Threat Range. Consumes all Chords of Fate. You cleave your enemies with the power of music. Enemies must also make a Fortitude saving throw or (DC 20 + Highest of highest Ability Score mod + Stunning Bonuses) or be stunned for 1 second per Chord of Fate consumed. Releasing 3 Chords of Fate restores 10 Spell Points. Cooldown: 15 seconds. (Unlisted: Deals an additional 1d6+1 Sonic damage per character level, scaling with 200% Melee power. Each Chords of Fate you have increases the damage by 100%.)"

Add Harmonic Resonance, "Your weapon attacks and offensive spells have a 20% chance to build up a stacking Harmonic Resonance on your enemies. Harmonic Resonance: Each stack increases the creature's vulnerability to Sonic damage by 10% and reduces their Armor Class by 5. The effect may stack up to 3 times and lasts up to 20 seconds."

You'll be building up sonic vulnerability with Harmonic Resonance, then an attack with The Sword Sings (three times if possible), finishing off with Blade of Discord. It's a total of seven points into Fatesinger to get. More expensive than Quick Cutter, but less so than Adrenaline. The only big downside is the cooldown of Blade of Discord, which is 15 seconds. You could just use The Sword Sings without Blade of Discord and by itself with the sonic vulnerability built up by Harmonic Resonance you have a pretty solid attack with a low cooldown.


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I dislike the "prep with Adren then use another attack" way it works.

They should make it so that it woks like hunts end. So it no longer can be combined with active attacks. That would go a long way in making other strikes competitive