This game needs a "WeakAura" addon


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Hey guys,

Trying to track my buffs is driving me crazy. What I mean by that is the buffs display is always moving left and right, and it makes it really hard to quickly find info about specific buffs.

I want to mainly track my Death Aura and Displacement to know when to rebuff. But then the short-term combat buffs start to kick in (mainly from Eldritch Knight's tree), such as Knight's Transformation, Force's Point, Knight's Arcanum, etc. This is just to name a few.

I think my main issue is that I came from WoW, where I can simply install the WeakAuras addon and configure my own UI. I have full track of anything I want there. So I'm used to track everything and I like having control over my stats.

So, what yout guys do to better track your character buffs? I know we can disable pemanent buffs from displaying, which helps.
But any other tip?
Is it just a question of getting used to the icons?


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I just get in the habit of refreshing them before fights, rather than try to optimize their durations

You wont run out of SP from over-casting buffs


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I would like something like this... not so much for buff durations, but for the tooltip info. Nothing like seeing something you're not 100% sure on, mousing over it to read the tooltip, just for it to get shunted to the side and away from your mouse.
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