Three Axe Problem


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...might be wrong about stupid augment but Bane is UnResistable n Force, ditto. Poison.. depends.


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Thank you all for your responses and advice!! Glad that there were different views about which was "better" for me to consider!

I, of course, have ended up simply switching among my three axes depending on what I am fighting. It is working alright in the PUGS!

Thanks again all!!


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Things to consider:

If you kill things in 1 hit, crits are meaningless.
If you kill things in 2 hits, crits only matter on the first hit and going above x2 is meaningless.
If you kill things in 3 hits, x3 crit only matters on the first hit and crits only matter on the first 2 hits.

If an enemy has 100 HP, dealing 50 or 99 damage is the same number of hits.


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One question that was mentioned but most are glossing over, is difficulty. As mentioned, the extra damage procs can be great in normal/hard/elite. Once you get into reaper, they get reduced (as does everything), and the more skulls you do, the less they contribute (until they can eventually end up doing 0), which is where solid base damage and crit profile really shine.


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Carnifex will win outright against mobs with no specific DR. Once you get to Mobs with decent DR, Antique Great Axe would be your goto. I suggest carrying both. Use Carnifex most of the time and hot-switch to Antique when necessary.