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From what I can tell, the Dragon's Hoard, Periron, Jotun Rimeblade, and Hyrelgas from the Nodes each have a chest that is capable of dropping 2 or 3 named items from the old list. Here's what I have found so far. Any input would be helpful in creating a more complete listing.

ToEE: Air Node - Dragon's Hoard - Spinal Tap and Leverage
ToEE: Fire Node - Periron - Assassin's Kiss, Cranium Cracker, and Thrall of the Fire Temple
ToEE: Earth Node - Hyrelgas - Elemental Bloom and Mushroom Cap
ToEE: Water Node - Jotun Rimeblade - Leopard's Chill
Cross-posting information from another thread in the hopes that it can be applied to the wiki.