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I know, very volatile subject with huge debates on if it works, how high up it works, not worth it, totally worth it...I get it. My question is for those of you who HAVE made it work, what Cha did you start with on a cleric? Looking to do some turning and have the Chainmail Coif and the Epic version to help boost, with also the Hallowed items from Sharn at 15 and 29. Going Sun Domain with Sun Elf (like the Bane of the Restless and Rejuvenation of Dawn enhancements at tier 1).


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Started with a base of 16, then made sure I had enhance/insightful cha and hallowed/sacred slotted or on gear.
I took the +turn levels from radiant servant. Low reaper that's all that was needed.
For R6+ ravenloft i used a turn stick with a load of TU boostng filigrees, but it wasn't 100% success, but hey you have a load of turns at this point, they regenerate and you can spam them. I don't have racial cha or cleric past lives, and didn't didn't take the extra turn levels from one of the ed's so if you have those you'll likely do a lot better.
The person I've been on the tr train with the last 6 months or so has all his cleric past lives and racial (well, apart from tabaxi which he's going through now), and when he's playing cleric he consistently destroys non deathwarded undead and cowers the rest on r10 quests. Makes some quests a lot less painful.


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When I started my F2P Cleric on #Cannith, I was focusing specifically on maximizing the Turn Undead game mechanic.

I started with 14 CHA on a Human and took the Improved and Extra Turns feats. I also set the Domain to Animal, which adds a broad range of additional monsters that can be turned.

Charges: 3 base turns + CHA mod + Feat + Enhancements = 12 uses at level 2 (more with Guild Buffs).

If you are cross-classing, you will only need 2 levels of Cleric and 9 points in the Radiant tree to get the enhancements.

My cleric on the Hardcore server is level 16 and she has 20 charges of Turn Undead.
Gear: Helm/Ring from Red Fens, a Silver Flame ring with +5 Sacred/Hallowed.

It is possible to turn undead in epic and legendary as long as you can bolster your Max HD and Total Hit Dice. Mobs with Deathward will only get Cowered by your turns if they are affected. A Rare Prefixed level 32 Silver Flame item should get you +15 Sacred/Hallowed. You also can add multiple Filigree sets for additional bonuses.

I hope this helps!