U59 made things bad....HELP

So every since U59, I experience small lag spikes and the a huge freeze up. The freeze lasts about 10 secs, audio and video. Its horrible and constant.
I have made sure that my video card is selected for graphics, I have tried repairing DDO, and uninstalled and reinstalled DDO.
Nothing helps. This all started after servers went live with U59


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Included in the Update 59 release notes:
"We have fundamentally changed how bonuses are calculated behind the scenes to be using a more performant algorithm to reduce lag in the game."

Initially, the game seemed to run better, but then the servers went down and upon coming back up, Thelanis has been awful. Were the improvements rolled back or did they not have their intended results? I was hoping there was something to address this in the 59.1 update but I don't see anything about the lag and didn't see anything posted in the forums.

Any insight?



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some friends are quitting DDO due to unplayable game.
I'm playing only to grind stuff, bit the game is not that fun anymore.


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The lag has gotten worse by far.
The only theory I have is that dungeon alerts are going off or something and causing it, but that's just a guess.
Walking through cities, going through dungeons, exploration areas. Everything will be fine one moment then stutter or freeze up for a few seconds the next. It was super bad on the hard core server.
On cannith it only happens rarely, when people start poping on at night or during the week ends.


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New champs on hardcore with more new AI for their special circle attacks equals more lag! The key to all the lag is the AI, i have been saying this for years.
yeah, the new ai constantly running around and around instead of actually fighting is. . .well. . .pretty dumb. Not really sure what's going on with that but it happens quite often where they will constantly circle me and some times attack, then resume circling. It's pretty annoying to be honest.

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I meant the circles on the ground but yes that new AI where the mob spins around you or your hireling, yep that is new AI, cant possibly be good for the lag!