U67 Early Look: Fred's First Date

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I really liked the whack a mole thing, that was very creative devs. But I think it is not working correctly. I hit it once and it's over, it's supposed to be 3 times I thought?

I didn't really understand the crystal thing or what I'm supposed to do there - am doing nothing but zero damage. Is it a STR check?

The story made me laugh quite a bit, however, I think some words used in the dialogue such as "sucked" and "cringe" are too modern day in terms of word choice and immersion breaking. I'd change those two words in the dialogue. Maybe I'm being too old man get off my lawn-ish and I know this is supposed to be a comedy quest but some of the word choice felt really jarring to read in a D&D game.
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The final conversation between us and Jaimie, us and Fred then Jamie's parting remarks disappears off the screen so swiftly I had to pull open my chat box to follow what happened. Because I couldn't experience the conversation as it occurred the end sequence felt disjointed. Also the restaurant scene needs something, an optional or just anything added to it.

All in all there is no way this feels like a level 18 quest, let alone something legendary. As far as what I experienced this is penny ante low-level adventuring. The most legendary thing about the entire quest is having a friendly conversation with a Mind Flayer. Price of Freedom feels more heroic? amazing? than this and its level 6. This wasn't even as interesting or impressive as Sane Asylum and that is a level lower and has no Legendary version. Heck even Night Falls on Stormreach had more going on at level 14. This quest needs some optionals, some Easter Eggs, some subplot. Subtext too. Whomever wrote Sane Asylum wrote Fred with a lot more personality and humor.

This just felt awkward and dull. I know you guys can do better, I've seen it.

We've never discussed Yaulthoon and his Fashion tastes with Fred, a quip or two about this could give humor and continuity to the story.
Possibly could also mention the only other friendly? cantankerous mindflayer we know Xathrizopkrsis, the airship cargo bay navigator.
Possible optionals could include friends or enemies of Fred. Possible friends? Other aberrations? Durk maybe? Enemies? Someone from the Prison or the Sane Asylum?
The quest should have a mimic, mimics and mindflayers just go together.


*finally convinces friends to try the came*

"U65 Paws and Peril"

"Why are we playing a childrens game?"

"It's one quest, don't know why they do it. last few expansions have been pretty cool, next one should be cool"

"Freds first date"


well, guess I am done trying to introduce new players to this game.

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But Ok isn't D&D also a "Children's Game" as well as for Adults?

Isn't going on first dates both Adult activity/Social Game as well as for Children....

Not Actually sure where the disconnect is...

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Ahh, I see what you guys mean.

Yeah, the intersection of real world and D&D should be more walled.

I just meant having quests that don't deal entirely with killing things and more solving a mundane everyday problem with comical results is something I would like to see more of.
Agreed, It's a Fantasy Game, catering to more than 1 style of players

There are lots of varied quests of numerous themes....play the Quests that appeal to u, u have them Option to pick among the many Choices that SSG makes for players to play

Once there's No more things in this game that u find enjoyable, it's completely Fine to play something else for awhile...people do leave and come back after awhile and fall in Love again playing with the game (they posted about this)...either the players evolved to another Phase of life (that does happen) or the Game evolved, or Both Evolved....

"it's All Good"...More Choices and Options are Very Good


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Can't please everyone. My group loves the humor in Catastrophe and Fred's First Date.

Don't know what D&D they've been playing the past 50 years, but the game I know has Froghemoths, Flail Snails, Flumphs, EX1 & EX2, Will McGlean illustrations in the 1E DMG, and too many bad puns to count.

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