unresponsive when exit game...


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So, in-game, hit escape for the popup menu hit quit/are you sure/yes and the game sometimes (fairly often) just goes bonkers. Screen either frozen or black, can't alt-tab, alt-enter, win-D, win-s, nothing short of ctrl-alt delete... and even if you pop up task manager, the mouse is a captive of ddo... while you can see "not responsive" in what part of task manager isn't obfuscated by ddo, the mouse is captive and you cannot click on the task manager to close the not-responding ddo eating "very-high" resources. At this point DDO is consuming all and the only way out is ctrl-alt-del, sign out. A most irking situation, any ideas? It's almose funny... the "are you sure" pointless popup, followed by system becoming hostage as if to say "well you can't go!".


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I get the same thing, and it is annoying as hell. Basically, everytime I quit the game, it freezes up my computer for several minutes.
Seems like the longer I played, the longer it freezes.
Unfortunately, I haven´t found a solution for that problem yet (besides hitting the Reset-Button on my computer).


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It's a years old bug that developer will never be able to fix (likes lag that they made worse when they put their hands on It)


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Are you by chance using the 32bit client? In Full screen? Swapped between a lot of characters?

Or playing DDO on a low system memory gaming rig? Or older (6+ years) budget rig?

Those are the typical reasons for DDO being a pain in shutting down quickly/easily.

When you hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, whilst you can't move your mouse, your keyboard is (hopefully) still functioning (else the Ctrl-Alt-Del shouldn't have brought up the Task Manager). When this happens (after Ctrl-Alt-Del), press the Tab button to cycle through the options until Task Manager if you couldn't select it initially to bring up Task Manager. Then, when it is up, press Tab until you cycle through to the processess, and then using the arrow buttons (up and down) locate and find the DDO client in question. Then press the Del button to close the process. Hopefully that'll give you an alternative way to get out of DDO.



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I'm using an high performant 64 bit computer.

As usual, higher is the amount of players online at that time, slower is the logout process and slower is the time to switch between toons.

The black screen on game closure probably means that the game is cleaning the player resources on ddo server: it's just slow (ctrl+alt+canc and kill ddo process if I'm in hurry to turn off the computer).