Update 67.2 Release Notes


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That is Amazingly Good did the spell pen get fixed too
Someone else will have to test that as I have no clue what was wrong with that (and I'm not on a DC build, I just tossed points into primal really fast to check embolden for you).


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That^ and whatever framerate/mouse look feeling janky bug is going on is what I'm hating. Visual bugs/choppy low FPS makes it hard for me to play too long of a session before it grates too much on me.
Yeah, I noticed last night that my framerates were about 33% lower than normal.

Normally my PC has zero problems holding FPS steady at the 140 cap I have set. Last night, FPS seemed to be maxing out around 90-95 FPS instead of the normal 140 cap.

It's a pretty significant hit.


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If MD does have high spell resistance mobs then its a problem if not it might work most mobs
Sigh. SSG, you don't know how to sell yourselves, not really. This time you have introduced two good things - improvements to the lfm panel and the gatekeeper portal - and you have not added them to the notes. Even with the bugs, they are good things because those bugs will be fixed soon and they are additions that we will be able to enjoy for a long time.

Sell yourself a little better, in addition to not bothering your consumers with overnerfs and changes for the worse (eg tumble).

Well done these two additions.
ssg need to hire more testers and QA team members


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An undocumented change in this update has been made to Trip and Improved Trip.

It appears that these currently now no longer make a check against the highest of Strength or Dexterity, but instead now check against a basic Reflex save of the target instead.

This has a few implications:

1. It will be easier for players to resist against trip attempts. (At least, those with high reflex at least)
2. It will be a lot harder to trip certain targets that were previously easier to trip (casters).
3. Harder to trip early game; easier at late game. (Especially in Reaper)



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Instead of spending precious man hours stealth nerfing almost unimpactful things nobody asked for and adding a farshifter option for the Gatekeepers grove wich is perfectly accessible using a teleport scroll why can’t we get actual huge glaring bugs to get fixed?

I probably shouldnt post wich bugs or i will get banned. I already sent a support ticket a few months ago but that did not get adressed.

Also, 2 or 3 disco pots of 15% would have been fair.


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  • Quest selection UI within LFM creation now displays and allows for sorting by Heroic and Epic level and if the quest is a Raid or not.
The raids part would have worked a lot better as a filter. I want my quests sorted in level order, but only see raids. Now I can sort by raid, but they're in random order, not alphabetical or level order - so for me this is useless.
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Known Issues:
  • The Guild Airship Farshifter's user interface is not properly displaying "Send me someplace else." This can be temporarily corrected by hovering selection over a different choice and then using the down arrow key to navigate past the lowest displayed option, then hitting Enter to select the hidden option.
Thanks for the Update.. How would this be accomplished by us lefties?

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My focus orb, character portrait and frame rate all deteriorated over time today. I quit game and relogged and that helped initially, but everything deteriorated again.

What did you do SSG? Something got borked in 67.2. ☹️👍


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I have all the expansions, so in a way I have supported SSG (and before, Turbine) for a long time. Giving away an expansion is a nice gesture from SSG; but for players like me, the ones that have spent money on the game for years, to get a one hour +10% named loot boost instead (compared to a permanent content add) is yet another kick in the teeth. I feel sort of insulted here. SSG really don't go out of their way to recognise loyalty.

And while I am on a rant, here goes... the new Tumble mechanic. I'd like to know how SSG think that this adds anything to the game whatsoever. In my eyes, they waste ressources introducing something useless while they need to spend more ressources on fixing the bugs. I know they do work on fixing bugs, but I think this should be their priority. A new game feature should be designed to add something useful to the game or target new players; the new Tumble mechanic does none of that. Rant over!
I am with you 100%. I have been putting my heard-earned into this game for more than ten years and was dumbstruck when I saw them giving away content that I had given ten years of VIP fees to play. I have a suggestion where they can stick that loot boost.