[Very] Out of date builds - remove?


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As we can see from https://forums.ddo.com/index.php?threads/help-understanding-build-guides.1186 the VERY out of date builds on the wiki have tripped up at least one newbie.
It seems they have little value but not sure about removing them, I have added {{History}} to a few, which is 'wrong', but at least flags it in someway.
If a wiki-expert can advise on appropriate actions (at least for those so old they _CANNOT_ be followed, ie old enhancment system) I am happy to do the legwork.

https://ddowiki.com/page/Category:Builds_for_new_players has
{{Builds notice}}

perhaps that can be added to all refered to pages? Anyway to make that automagic?


The builds notice is a good start, but then that requires going through all the builds on the wiki and marking which are obsolete and which are still valid by testing or verifying in-game viability.

Personally, I'd be fine with the removal of builds on the wiki period. I don't think the wiki is really the place for them. That's something the game forums better supports as guides will be more up-to-date than on the wiki since the active players are more likely to keep their posted builds up-to-date than us editors of the wiki.


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I've added either:
{{History|custom=This page is about a build that can no longer be recreated in-game.|customcat=character builds}} (If old enhancement system in use)(Was already present on a few pages) or {{Builds notice}} (could be followed) to all the Build pages I can find. But yes, my vote would be to veto the lot of em.