Vile Chemist VKF Imbue Build

I wanted to see how high I could meaningfully pump imbue dice on a melee. VileChem seemed pretty high. This is my break down of dice and source.
Heroic stuff:
Level 15 alch with 21 AP in Vile chemist, 6 dice(8 with spell).
Level 3 ranger 12 AP in Arcane Archer, 4 dice.
Level 2 rogue 8 AP in Assassin, 3 dice.
Racial AP 16 Drow, 2 dice.
41 AP, 17 imbue dice. With versatility feat 18 heroic imbue.

To make the build function, a bit, 41(39 tomes) in VKF. I can't squeeze in a trance.

Draconic 14 points, 3 dice.
Machrotechnic 14 points, 3 dice.
Legendary Dreadnaught 34~ points, 1 imbue. This is a quality of life concession, and readers will likely be screaming thorns and mantle grant two more dice.
Filigrees in some combination of +2 imbue set bonuses, and festive +1 bonus filigree, +7 dice. Could go higher here. Nine filigrees grants 7 imbue, reverb pair and a festive solo.
Enhanced elemental dice feat, one die.
Embodiment/Harbinger, +2 imbue.
Scion of Earth, +3 imbue.
Artifact set, profane experiment likely, +3 imbue.
Epics 23 imbue dice.

Total 41, and as you can see the number can go up. I think I missed an augment, and didn't push the number to the max.

There's my downtime jibberish. Has anyone tried a build like this? Probably not super squishy on a completionish toon.