Warforged clothing and fashion


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I would like to share some pics about some DDO Store Warforged clothing since the preview isnt working atm. Also would like to share my favorite WF cosmetics too.
If you have some please share with the community :)

Also you can check this DDOWIKI page for the collection of ingame (free) docent looks: https://ddowiki.com/page/Cosmetic/Category:Docents

1. Dark Steam Warforged Clothing (store) + Ornate Helm - Black and Gold (store)

2. Same as the 1st just with the University Sentriy's Helmet from Vecna (game)

3. Blue Steam Warforged Clothing (store) + Ornate Helm - Silver and Gold (store)

4. Dark Spider Warforged Clothing with Webbed Leather (store) + Helm of the Hunter (game)

5. Red Leaf Warforged Clothing with Spiked Mail (store) + Darkstorm Helm (gaame)

6. Orange Cog Warforged Clothing with Tortoise Plate (store) + Defender's Masque (game)

7. Blue Blade Warforged Clothing (store) + Defender's Masque (game)

8. Crystalline Cacophony Docent (game) + Darkstorm Helm (game) - Optimus Prime look with Adamantine Body Feat

9. Celestial Sage Docent (game) + Darkstorm Helm (game)

10. Thick Skin (Anniversary party) + Helm of the Hunter (game)

11. Executioner's Docent (game) + Darkstorm Helm (game)

12. Gold Cog Warforged Clothing (store) + Firemouth's Diving Helmet (game)

13. Dragon Knight Warforged Clothing (store) + Silver Dragonscale Helmet (game)

14. Dark Cog Warforged Clothing (store) + University Sentriy's Helmet from Vecna (game)

15. Dark Whorl Warforged Clothing with Warden Plate (store) + Battered Helm (game)

16. Violet Leaf Warforged Cloathing (store) + Mechanized Warrior's Plate Helm (Mechanized Patron Coffer)

17. Violet Leaf Warforged Clothing with Bladed Mail (store) + Battered Helm (game)

18. Violet Leaf Warforged Clothing with Bladed Mail (store) + Mechanized Warrior's Plate Helm (Mechanized Patron Coffer)

more coming...
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Cinnamon and gravy, that is one fine looking weapon you are sporting there. Pray tell, what weapon have you got going on there?


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Executioner's Docent + Mushroom Cap from ToEE is a great combo. The Docents from Legendary Tempest Spine go well with the Archon Helm, but also Boundless and Sightless. I saw something like Thick Skin paired nicely with a Dinosaur Bone Helmet recently. Also saw someone in Eveningstar with one of those old random gen docents with the fur skirt/belt paired with Compliance and a Dino bone weapon looked like a warforged caveman.

My caster hasn't been a warforged in ages so the only pic I have fashion-wise is one of my storage alts:


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have you checked to see what happens (if possible) to put a glammered docent on a fleshy? I see many lootgen armor bits from toaster armors


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have you checked to see what happens (if possible) to put a glammered docent on a fleshy? I see many lootgen armor bits from toaster armors
it is not possible
To clarify: Racial restrictions on an item will be inherited by any cosmetic item made from them using a Mirror of Glamering. This means you can't put a glamered docent on a non-Warforged or any other glamered armour on a Warforged. It also means that Iconic Starter Equipment, when glamered, can't be used on a character which isn't that type of iconic hero, and you can't put on glamered pet armour or collars either (I'm not even sure you can glamer these, as I'm pretty sure pets don't have cosmetic slots.) There are a few other rare items this applies to, like random-generated loot from before Update 19 with a racial restriction and the Dwarven Thrower - many of these can still be equipped if you have a high enough Use Magic Device.

("Racial restriction" sounds awfully dodgy, doesn't it? I can see why the rules update for pen-and-paper next year is changing the wording to "lineage".)

I'm not totally sure if alignment restrictions are carried over as well, but my suspicions are that they aren't.
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