Weapon Proficiency

hello, i am a new player and was wondering if there was w way to get weapon proficiency without using a level up or getting at the start?


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Only by changing a feat for another, done by talking to a mind flayer named Fred in house Jorasco, and using either a free feat respec token obtainable once per life by doing a simple quest in the marketplace, a siberys dragonshard suitable for your level (found as treasure, on the auction house, or crafted from fragments), or astral shards (in game currency) - or more radically, re-doing your character from level 1 up and select different feats using a +0 heart of wood, or changing one of your levels for another class with the desired proficiencies using a heart of wood +1 or better.

Or, you know, simply reroll your character


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What weapon did you want proficiency in and what class are you already?

It's temporary, but you may be able use the spell master's touch. This either requires you to already be one of the classes that can cast that spell, or for the weapon to be single handed and you to have enough UMD to cast it from a scroll.

Some enhancement trees can also grant you various proficiencies. For example the warchanter tree allows a bard to gain proficiency with all martial weapons.

There are also a handful of weapons that will grant proficiency while you use them, but they are few and far between so not generally a good choice.


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I know you already started, but some races/classes get proficiency or a modifier with weapons. For example:

Elf: Longsword, rapier, longbow, composite longbow, shortbow, and composite shortbow.
Drow: Rapier, shortsword, and shuriken.
Dwarf: Dwarven Axe as a martial weapon, so you don't need an Exotic feat.
Gnome: Light hammer, throwing hammer, and warhammer.
Half-Elf: Martial melee from Dilettante: Fighter, and ranged from Dilettante: Ranger, plus some others.
Divines get their Favored weapon proficiency, such as Olladra granting the Sickle.

There are some oddball items that grant you a weapon proficiency while holding it, though only two come to mind, the previously
mentioned Chimera's Breath / Fang combo.


When you don't start out with a proficiency you have to train it, may be easier to redo the character and pick what you're wanting,
instead if investing time into something you have to use additional points / feats to get.