What to do with Millions of Plat ... if you dont have (or use) Wings


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Spoilers for Myth Drannor:

In the ruins of a once beautiful center of culture, gambling has grown rampant.

- After attaining a high amount of favor with whatever nice new patron around One can pay 4 million platinum once per life to dip an item into a (Heroic or Legendary) Well of Chaos, which will add a property on a cannith craftable item that turns it into a random high quality combat clickie: either 4/day at CL 20 (ML 34) or 2/day CL 8 (ML 13), such as Dark Discorp, Tenser's, Elemental Shield; or a 1/day high quality random non-combat clickie (Teleport, DDoor, Greater Teleport).

- Double, Nothing or Despair gambler: A player may put 5-20 collectable crafting items in a casino machine and pay 10k platinum per collectable inserted to roll the dice. Rolling 1-6 will cause the items to disappear, 7-14 does nothing, 15-20 doubles them.

But while gambling is rampant, there are some vestiges of civilization and progress. A few exceptionally entrepreneurial mages have cooked up some adventurer friendly inventions to make bank.

- VIPs can use a mobile converter to turn greens into cannith essences on the fly, but using this mobile converter takes platinum to run. Feeding it costs 10 plat per ML of the item.

- Players can buy a service from a highly skilled conjuration mage NPC for 150k platinum that will craft a conduit between the mages' portal and that player. This portal allows party members to use the portal to travel through the portal to the partys' conduit locations, effectively allowing teleportation to the party leader (or the quest entrance where they may reside) but only through that particular portal at a set location in a traveling hub.

I'm high on hopium and hope they one day cook up more platinum sinks of some kind, despite the limitations (low cap, easy farmability) and prevalence of astral shards and various tokens. All of the above are actually figments of my imagination and are not going to be a thing. Unless...?

I wish there were good relevant plat sinks beyond reaper cosmetics but SSG has a vested interest in not giving plat too much value to encourage shard trading, even though the ShardAH is highway robbery.


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Respec your enhancement trees and experiment with different abilities.
Heh. I actually ran one of my chars out of plat doing that a bit ago. It took me a beat or two to figure out why the tree wasn't changing. :(

Other than the trees, I'll scoop up bigby hands and various other things on the AH. I kinda treat plat as endless and free, so if the plat-AH has something I might someday use, I'll buy it. Hint: ALWAYS put a buyout on things even if it's high. I only use buyouts, never bids.


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I wish there were good relevant plat sinks beyond reaper cosmetics but SSG has a vested interest in not giving plat too much value to encourage shard trading, even though the ShardAH is highway robbery.
Well, that and the fact that a run of duping glitches fatally destabilised the platinum economy over a decade ago.

(Personally, most of my platinum tends to go on Creature Companions in the Auction House.)


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After filling many alt's coffers, I just burn off excess plat in the AH buying and hoarding nearly useless junk. Things like hair dyes, siberys dragonshards. and p holes. Not to mention dozens of armor and weapon crafting blanks with augment slots.


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Thanks all

I find that rare filigrees tend to go more for AS than Plat.

There is only so much you can spend on Yugo Pots :)

Would be nice to have a plat use in Myth Drannor!


Stop looting. When I have a lot of plat, I just stop looting. It saves time and effort.

But questing at cap gives me a lot to spend for:
-Teleport, G.Teleport, Greater Heroism, Resurrect scrolls
-+25 Spellpower Potions from House J
-Resetting Enhancement, Reaper Trees, especially. Sometimes its 300k for one Reaper Tree reset.


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Do a search on the AH for items from 21-cap ML and look for named items plopped there. You can waste your plat on them and get some sentient xp.

I get stuck at the plat cap on my main and then can’t get rid of junk at vendors.

I have done wardrobe sprees in which I buy tons of armors and robes to see what they look like, then decon them. Plat sink but also a time sink…


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The biggest thing you can do to prevent this problem is always break down your gear in the crafting hall. This causes you to get far less platinum to begin with. By doing this I've never been able to fill up all my mules (granted I have 2 dozen of them) with platinum because I end up with many stacks of cannith crafting essences in exchange for many million less platinum. If you are doing that then the suggestions in this thread make it easy to burn off what is left. I used to buy every pet I didn't have for platinum, but it has been a while since I have seen one for sale that I do not already own.