What's your favorite minimal buttons character?


I prefer Paladin and Warlock - focusing on passive enhancements. Archer build was not bad Anything beyond mouse plus F1-F10 and 1-10 is too much (unless it's non-combat scenario). I tried a gaming key"pad" - went OK but did not stick with it. I did really well with D&D back in the day but it didn't translate.


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EK sorcerer with splash of fighter and cleric. Mostly passives from StD and Warpriest for AC, PRR and MRR, and mostly buff spells (all grouped at secondary bar and only used at the beginning of the quest or after shrining, so not sure if that qualifies :p). Had a lot of fun with it leveling in heroic, and used only one bar. Probably not that useful in epics but I'm focusing only at Heroic TR so it did its job.


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I like my Vistani ROBOT build.
  • Active attacks attached to Hot Bar 1: 1-2-3-4 + 2 mouse buttons. All Cleaves and normal attacks.
  • 0 is Dire Charge and Alt +0 is Fan of Knives
  • Got 1 more key for Intimidate and another for Bluff.
  • KTA + Vistani Fortune should be activated in every 60 sec. (2 more buttons)
  • At the begining of every quest I selfbuff with 20-21 different spells and clickies :D
Got a few more buttons to use in some situations like reaper boosts and other abilities which I dont use all the time.


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Blaster Warlock

Selfbuff at quest entrance and blast way to the end without to much fuss or piano dancing fingers.

At most 1 - 5 to cast, Web - Evard's - Arcane Tempest - Consume - Finger of Death on Heroics

And 6 - 0 to cast, Burst of Glacial Wrath - Dragon Breath - Light Pillar - Ruin - Greater Ruin on Epics.

No stress with clickies, endless countdowns or item swamp.


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aura warlock, needs very few buttons to play. I refer to it as a sandwich warlock because you can easily eat and play up to elite/low reapers. Or if you're not hungry, play a mobile game!