Where are we all based - UK - USA ?


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Most of us are from Velder Geutland. The rest from the US or UK and points East and West of there.


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You are now about to witness the strength of Wiki knowledge

Straight outta Korthos!

Crazy motherfreaker named Livmo

From the House called Galactic

When I'm called off, I got a sawed-off

Squeeze the trigger, and bodies are hauled off

You too, Coyle, if you dunk with me

House Kundarak are gonna have to come and get me

Off your trash, that's how I'm going out

For the punk motherfreakers that's showing out

Mind Flayers start to mumble, they wanna rumble

Mix 'em and cook 'em in a pot, like gumbo

Going off on the motherfreaker like that

With a Needle that's pointed at your nose

So give it up smooth

Ain't no telling when I'm down for a jack move

Here's a rap to keep y'all dancin'

With a crime record like Jeets Shimis

Needle is the tool

Don't make me act a motherfreakin’ fool

Me you can go toe to toe, no maybe

I'm knocking Orcs out the box, daily

Yo, weekly, monthly and yearly

Until them dumb motherfreakers see clearly

That I'm down with the capital K spells backwards for ꓘorthos

Coyle, you can't dunk with me

So when I'm in your neighborhood, you better duck

‘Cause Livmo is crazy as Lolth

As I leave, believe I'm stompin'

But when I come back Coyle, I'm coming straight outta ꓘorthos


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Aylesbury Bucks, England. Last year voted worst place to live in the country. But it's been knocked down to 5th this year.