Where to go next?


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I've finished the Harbor (including the Druid's cove) and Marketplace quests, but I'm kind of at a loss as where to go next. Are there more quest hubs somewhere similar to these areas? After doing all of the starter island, marketplace, and harbor quests, I've gotten up to Level 6. (Also, please tell me how to find any areas - i.e., where is the connection from either the Marketplace or the Harbor).


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Oh your adventure has only just begun.
Your first stop should be to the DDOWiki. Here I link directly to the Quest by level and XP page. You can click on the quests to get detailed information about it. You did not mention if you have any content pack or if you are just F2P so here is a link to the F2P quests (DDOWiki)
You can also look in the Adventures Compendium (default key is P). Click on the Adventures tab and then click the level header to sort by level.

If you have Secrets of Saltmarch or Feywild packs, they would be good for your next place to adventure. Saltmarch start at level 3 and Feywild at 5.
Both drop some really good gear for the level.

These are but a few examples. There are many others as well.


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There are several level 4 and 5 quests in a chain in the pub in House Deneith. Then several 5 and 6 quests in the pub in House Kundarak. House Jorasco has a couple of quests in the pubs and several dotted around the landscape. Same for House Phiarlan.

All of these areas are adjacent to The Marketplace.


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please tell me how to find any areas - i.e., where is the connection from either the Marketplace or the Harbor.

Google DDO quests by level to see a list or open up your Adventures Compadium in game. All the header titles on that list are clickable so you can sort by however. Do the 2nd one which is what level the quest is and get the from lvl 1 to xxxx list up. Either of those will give you a feel for what's out there.

In game and while in the Marketplace; open up the map and expanded it (grab a corner and pull it bigger). When you look at it you'll see Green Stars / bursts. THOSE are the connectors to other area's where you'll find more quests or the travel spots to other area's (like the one's in Korthos or Gatekeepers Grove to Keep on the Borderland.

You also have a Wilderness area off the Harbor and one of the Marketplace. At lvl 6 you're high for the one off the Harbor, but right on for the one off the Marketplace.

Not knowing what quest packs or Expansions you have makes it hard to point you in an exact direction.


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All those doors off the marketplace that lead into the various houses (They're labelled things like House Kundarak, House Phiarlan, House Jorasco, House Deneith, The Twelve, etc) have midrange quests lurking in them. :) Ddo rewards either becoming very firendly to the wiki or just clciking and exploring about everywhere. :) Enjoy the journey!


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I'd say hit the Sharn Syndicate chain in the marketplace, you can probably get a good weapon if you're melee out of the end reward.


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The easiest way is to check in your Adventure Compendium - hit "p" and sort quests by "Level". See what's missing at a given level, and go from there.

At Level 6, you have a decision to make - to either hit Level 4 quests and keep leveling up, or "bank" 7 (not take it asap) and make sure you have all your 2's, 3's and 4's done. Probably the former, but there are reasons for the latter (esp if you're in a group or can't open E by yourself).

Eventually, you'll get to know what quests are available.

Until then, the Wiki can be your friend:

o Quests, sortable: https://ddowiki.com/page/Quests

"Quest Packs" contain chains, which are often (but not always) grouped around a Level or three. However, some chains are F2P (and wouldn't be listed under "packs". However, check to see if you're done the "Pack" ones.