Win 10 64 Bit: DDO Crashes on Alt Tab


Greetings, adventurers!

I'm on a 64 bit Windows 10 machine (4K normal resolution). I've played DDO occasionally since beta and only recently has alt tabbing back into DDO reliably crashed my game. I have the latest NVIDIA drivers, DirectX 9.0c, DirectX 10, and whatever DirectX comes with Win10's Windows Update. How to fix?

Direct X Diagnostic (DXDiag)



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If you are using full screen mode you could try changing it to full screen windowed mode.


Changing the in-game resolution only worked by mirroring the resolution of the computer. Since I couldn't scale the UI in-game, I changed my desktop resolution to about 1/3 the size so I could read stuff in-game. Whatever the resolution, I still had this problem.


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Upgrade to Windows 11.

The later 10 releases were very buggy indeed.

You may need to use some hack to bypass Secure Boot requirements, but the current ones are a lot less messy than the originals.

Keep your existing product key -- on my own rig, I'm using my old Windows 7 product key.


I'm not changing to Windows 11 yet. There are too many subtle differences with other programs. Thankee, though.

What else do you advise?


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I'm on Win 10 with a 4k screen, but I run DDO in 1440p so that I can read the text. I have a 3070 with the same driver version your 3080 shows. I'm on the same version of Windows 10, just Home instead of Pro. I'm just on a desktop instead of a laptop.

I haven't ever crashed from alt tabbing back and forth.

Do you have any overclocking and/or undervolting going on?

Your dxdiag showed you have a Killer network/wifi card. I don't have any personal experience with them. I know their drivers have had problems in the past, but maybe that's gotten better since they were acquired by Intel? And there are some WER crash entries from xTendUtility.exe in your list.

You might try updating to the latest drivers for your network card. Yours look to be from 2021.