Xoetepia and Life.. yes Life Sentence!


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LOL.. For those who don't know, I own and run a licensed out door, live music eatery that is seasonal. Once April 30th hits I work every day for 12-15 hours a day.

I.E. I game a lot less.

Well.. first week we broke all of our sales records. I ran out of food three times and by the third time on Friday I was really grateful for the storm and rains we had the next day. I spent 12 hours prepping.

This Saturday I have two of my good friends spinning Deep House, Drum and Bass and whatever else they want to spin. You can hear DJ Dave Ross spin live on ambitionradio.com this Saturday May 13th from 9-11+ EST. (and if something cool happens like I have to throw out a hobo you might just hear it :p).

Anyhow, this thread is a redux from the old forums. The restaurant is mine and my wife's brainchild. We called it "Moose and Squirrel Bistro".. as in Rocky and Bullwickle or Sam and Dean from Supernatural. Also shout out to Ethan Duplee from My name is Earl. It also might be because my wife is half my size.. (I work out a lot).

So if you are curious.. our website is mooseandsquirrelbistro.com , and I have a silly instagram page called xoetepia6 where I troll people and occassionally post pictures of food.

See you in game folkes...


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ok.. hit lvl 20.. took 2 weekslol.

Work was chaos. Not sure if anyone is into techno but we had a weird moment. Azskills from England and The Gaff from Calgary (both serious headliners) had their event cancelled.. so they showed on sunday and played our place.. normally we close at 7 on Sundays.. we got home at 2am. Crazy night..

I'm at 110 hours a week now.. lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks..

{hone dies.. drink too much.. run out of food every 2 days it seems.. no sleep.. hell.. I have a warchest of party gods staring me in the face and I know that I got no time off till Oct 10th..

Good problems but in Oct.. I'll have to relearn how to be a good player..