Xp stones


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I have a heroic xp stone and a epic xp stone for trade can’t mail them but they are tradeable I would like some gear for various levels for a monk if there is any interest


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Crafting Gear gets Expensive … Are you a returning player ?
Yes from long ago maybe 10 years and was looking for looted gear really and don’t say craft I hate ddo crafting so tedious and don’t have the ingredients or time. I had 3 characters each with a heroic and epic stone of xp I used one of each on a charater and now have a 26th level character with terrible gear I plan to do a epic tr when I can then later a couple of heroics then see what happens


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One path, if you have Saltmarsh, you can farm mission/zone rares on Heroic and get whatever set pieces you need, then hit the short Epic
quests for the Hay. You can upgrade Heroic L3 to L20 gear which is actually pretty good for TR cycles, and get L30 pieces at the same time.
Check out the Epic set, you'll see what I mean.


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I had 3 characters each with a heroic and epic stone of xp
Wayfinder had a rollback a couple years ago (where 2 weeks of data was lost). They gave every character on there a heroic & epic XP stone (and other goodies). But despite what they say in description, those are all bound to character and can't be traded. ( https://ddowiki.com/page/Wayfinder talks about the rollback and what SSG gave out)