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also ran across this

There is an forum thread on this topic, but naturally it's homebrew material rather than official. According to a Candlekeep thread, Elminster once visited Eberron in the Stormreach video game [this apparently became DDO], and Eberron author Keith Baker says there is no official status for Eberron in the Spelljammer cosmology. A poster on that thread believes that crystal spheres were a definitive part of the 4e planar cosmology, but I don't believe that's canonically the case in 4e lore.

In a tweet, Eberron creator Keith Baker gives his opinion that travel to or from Eberron is entirely up to the DM:

Ultimately, travel to/from #Eberron is as easy or difficult as you want it to be. If you want House Orien operating portals between worlds, it’s your story! Or the arrival of the warforged in WD could be a mystery; they don’t know what brought them to Faerun or how to get home.


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Elminster, you old bastard! Instead of messing around here, why don't you hurry back to Eveningstar!
How many times do you think Ana has been kidnapped because you're not watching over her? lol

Every time we go to the CitW, I can't help but think this.
Am I wrong?

I believe The Book of Marvelous Magic will have all the answers regarding whether there are items for Warforged in Myth Drannor.
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I sometimes wonder why they still have dead flavor spells like this in the game. It could actually be valuable but instead its borked for thematic reasons.
The answer is simple.
It's because fixing the code will result in more bugs.
The best course of action is to not touch the code that is already working.


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There's not going to be any WarForged stuff in Myth Drannor...

Especially no docents or WF exclusives.

I agree that SSG will probably add some Warforged gear. But I don't think there should be anything to be honest. Warforged doesn't exists in FR.


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Having docents for players' Warforged is probably a higher priority than lore OCD, but to step around this simply create a Mythic crafting system where you craft armors and docents and voila its a Myth Drannor Eberron hybrid. Funny how you can simply not create problems for yourself when writing fiction.