Your Salvation Is Here: Guild Recruitment


New member
Hello I'm HUCL, Leader of Hucls Cosmetic Pets, The Greatest Guild In history. I am recruiting. I have a nice ship with many fun buffs.

I have accomplished many feats of greatness and heroism that puts me A cut above the rest. Such as defeating the Lord Of Blades, Saving Eberron From the Quori invasion, and stopping Lolths plan to do something in Faerun, we don't know what but I stopped it. I have max reaper points and I routinely conquer the reaper Content with ease. From gaining favor to Past-lives, Khyber has provided me with vast riches and power to aid in my domination of the world. Very few have bore witness to my power level and lived, I almost always get conquest and no build can contain our powers. I ensure my pets get as much xp as possible. You too can be my pet, join my menagerie and I'll be your master. If you don't feel like joining you'll need to let me know, I don't read my mail so you will need to find me. It shouldn't be to hard, I'm somewhere on your guild ship right now.

I will check back here in a few days for replies.
I look forward to all the fun we are going to have together.