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Dark Apostate enhancements (8 DA, 41 DD, 21 Warpriest, 12 Falconry)...something to look at next time i run a DA

Enhancements: 80 APs, Universal 2
Dark Apostate - Points spent: 8
Core1 Dark Apostate
Tier1 Shadowy Bulwark - 3 Ranks
Tier1 Apostate's Skills - 1 Ranks
Core2 Shadow Shrouding
Tier2 Enhanced Turning - 1 Ranks
Tier2 Mighty Turning
Divine Disciple - Points spent: 41
Core6 Emissary: Divine Emissary of Darkness
Tier1 Divine Smiting I: Divine Smiting I
Tier1 Energy of the Disciple - 3 Ranks
Tier1 Defense of the Soul - 3 Ranks
Tier1 Defense of the Heart - 3 Ranks
Tier2 Spell Penetration - 3 Ranks
Core5 Emissary: Empowered by Darkness
Tier2 Divine Smiting II: Divine Smiting II
Core4 Emissary: Dark Spell book I: Enervation
Tier3 Divine Smiting III: Divine Smiting III
Tier3 Wisdom I
Core3 Emissary: Dark Spell book II: Necrotic Ray
Tier4 Wisdom II
Tier4 Divine Smiting IV: Divine Smiting IV
Tier5 Transcendence: Transcend Light
Tier5 Divine Empowerment
Tier5 Condemnation or Acceptance: Condemnation
Tier5 Divine Smiting V: Divine Smiting V
Core2 Emissary: Dark Spell book III: Power Word: Stun
Core1 Emissary: Deacon of Endless Darkness
Warpriest - Points spent: 21
Core1 Smite Foe: Smite Foe (Melee)
Tier1 Toughness - 3 Ranks
Tier1 Awareness - 3 Ranks
Tier1 Sacred Touch - 3 Ranks
Core2 Resilience of Battle
Tier2 Wall of Steel - 3 Ranks
Core3 Sanctuary
Tier3 Ability I: +1 Wisdom
Tier3 Magic Backlash - 3 Ranks
Core4 Blur
Falconry - Points spent: 12
Core1 Summon Falcon: Summon White Falcon
Tier1 Rugged - 3 Ranks
Tier1 Out in Nature - 1 Ranks
Core2 Ability I: Wisdom
Tier2 Action Boost: Sprint - 3 Ranks
Tier3 Conditioning
I haven't played in two weeks. Can't seem to get motivated to play. The stress of the job hunt is starting to get to me.
Hey, I saw your post about Party-ing up and looking for Raiders or TR train riders.

I'm on Thelanis server and my guild hosts raids quite often. We also buddy up with another Raid host. Between the 3 of us we cover Tuesday (Evening), Wednesday (Evening), Friday (Evening), Saturday (Afternoon) & Saturday (Evening).

All of our raids are casual, first-time raider friendly with explainations upon request for each raid. We try to to teach players if they want to learn the mechanics of a raid.

As for party-ing up for the TR train - my guild has multiple people whom regularly run multiple toons through TRs at a time. That means that often they have someone around the level of whomever is already playing. Most of us would rather play together than solo so we tend to just hop in with each other whenever we can.

If that sounds good to you drop me a line. In-Game you can message DilemmaEnder of BrokenTalons. Really if you see any member of BrokenTalons guild online you can send them a /Tell and let them know DilemmaEnder invited you to the shenanigans.

Here is a Discord invite our Guild Discord: https://discord.gg/GqJNhg7K

You don't have to join the guild - we regularly run with non-guild members. But if you need a guild or want to join we do have room.
Hey Cordovan!

Is the VIP bag of many things time locked in any way? Do I have like a certain time frame that I need to collect the reward from the box? Or can I just keep it in my inventory indefinitely? Till I decide there's something I want from it?