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  • Hey, I saw your post about Party-ing up and looking for Raiders or TR train riders.

    I'm on Thelanis server and my guild hosts raids quite often. We also buddy up with another Raid host. Between the 3 of us we cover Tuesday (Evening), Wednesday (Evening), Friday (Evening), Saturday (Afternoon) & Saturday (Evening).

    All of our raids are casual, first-time raider friendly with explainations upon request for each raid. We try to to teach players if they want to learn the mechanics of a raid.

    As for party-ing up for the TR train - my guild has multiple people whom regularly run multiple toons through TRs at a time. That means that often they have someone around the level of whomever is already playing. Most of us would rather play together than solo so we tend to just hop in with each other whenever we can.

    If that sounds good to you drop me a line. In-Game you can message DilemmaEnder of BrokenTalons. Really if you see any member of BrokenTalons guild online you can send them a /Tell and let them know DilemmaEnder invited you to the shenanigans.

    Here is a Discord invite our Guild Discord:

    You don't have to join the guild - we regularly run with non-guild members. But if you need a guild or want to join we do have room.
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