2 Weeks 5 Days Still No Word on my Suspended 14 Year Old VIP Account Over a $3 Overcharge


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Contacted DDO Support over 2 Weeks ago, still waiting for word on my suspended account over a charge for a purchase which my CC Company saw as fraudulent, causing a chargeback to be issued on the account of $3.

Lead GM 'Woebot' was on the case, however has not replied to my messages in over 3 days.

Hoping someone in support see's this, don't have much confidence though.

Hoping this will shed some light to the current player base, gone are the days of old when Turbine would let you know the issue for your to fix it before making any rash decisions on your account. Gone are the times when Turbine support was an actual part of the player base and actually were involved with their community.

New SSG Staff doesn't care about you, your history with the company, or what you think about the game. They don't even want to socialize with you. They are above you because they get paid by the company YOU pay to keep the lights on. New SSG Staff is ready to suspend/ban any account, for any reason, no matter the situation, no matter the account longevity, no matter if you've been a paying VIP subscriber for over 8 years of your 14 year long account.

The Draconian Era has arrived to DDO. Smash, Break and Tear through what you can for the table scraps from your player base.
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