Any chance of a cosmetics tab?


I'm hoping that eventually there will be a tab similar to the mount tab for all cosmetics given from packs and store purchased cosmetics. I understand that the mirrored cosmetics would be too difficult to add to a tab like that but the rest of them should be an easy enough thing to add to a tab. This would help myself and others who have entire toons with all purchasable bag space that is filled with cosmetics, from having to create more toons to hold all the new cosmetics that are given with each expansion. I'm at the point where I have been using my shared bank to hold a bunch of them since my current cosmetics mule is completely full. I would be willing to spend a bunch of points on this, or simply purchase it outright if it wouldn't be available for point purchase. I know this has been dismissed in the past but I think that the cosmetics that you get via the store and pack purchases would be enough to make ppl happy and relieve space restrictions for some of us.
I agree completely. Cosmetics are cool and help players differentiate themselves from others. Cosmetics do not grant any game bonus, nor are they needed for a toon to be able to use while adventuring. Shared bank space or character bank space is at a premium and has a fair, but not inexpensive price for gaining more space. Having played for over 15 years, I have a lot of cosmetic items that I would rather not get rid of. I would say that at least 75-100 items in my character bank are cosmetic. We are getting more and newer cosmetics with daily dice rolls, new packs, and new rewards from things like night revels or others. Providing a tab similar to crafting storage in the shared bank would be a great option even if it had to be bought with points or with a pack for the first time. This type of option would not be a game balance problem and I would hope not be too difficult to code.


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We've been asking for this or some other way to store cosmetics for years.

They haven't done it yet, I doubt they ever will.


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Same reason we've asked for a "permanent hireling" tab, so we can drag them to a hotbar as needed. The problem being that folders are a store
item, and QOL isn't real priority. Wouldn't put it past them to sell a Hireling/Cosmetics tab bundle, which would be par for the course these days.


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I would really love one. I may have something of a cosemtics habit that's fallen to the wayside because I just can't store anymore of them. X_X I would get more if I had a place to put them (and especially easily access them across toons based on my silly whims and moods).