Can't buy DDO points [Resolved]

Duke Igthorn

New member
I have been trying to buy DDO points but can't. I've tried steam and I've tried my credit card.

When trying to use my credit card I get:
"Our records show that the Payment Source you entered is already on file. When you are completing a transaction click on stored payment source tab and identify the payment method you prefer."
When I click on "payment sources" it shows my credit card, but I only get the option to edit, delete or add another.
I have tried deleting the card, it just adds it back in but does not process the payment.
There is no option to use the stored card.
I have used that same card to buy the Vecna pack and renew my sub and had no issues.

I have also tried with steam and have had no success there either. It at least shows up in my account history tab as "Payment Source Unavailable". I have used steam before and had no issues.

I have loaded a ticket in game but have had no response.

You would have thought that it would be easier to spend money. I am now probably going to miss the double points because of this.

Duke Igthorn

New member
What would be a reasonable response time for a ticket? It's now day 6 and still nothing.
Is there anyway to contact Standing Stone games account support?

Duke Igthorn

New member
They came back to me and "ran a fix" on my account. I can now buy points again.
They are dealing with a large volume of tickets at the moment so I'm assuming that there is an underlying issue somewhere that only affects certain accounts.