Card of Curse Cleansing


So I looted this thing...not sure even how. Chest? Dice Roll? I literally was selling stuff when i saw something in my inventory I'd never seen before. I do know how rare it is. So I'm feeling pretty nifty and special right now.

I need to go buy a lottery ticket.


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From a chest. Any chest in the game can have one, but very very very very very (many more verys) small chance of one per chest.


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Grats! They are very rare. I haven't looted one yet. They typically sell for 1000-1500 shards on the shard exchange. Sometimes more.
congrats! Can we put curse cards in REMNANT chests across the board too please. can be small 1 or 2. thanks devs!
justs an added slow trickle in remnant chests reward list to add these extra fun curses would be nice
then having to run sagas specific can get very boring. (or the 4 quests in sharn, although i do like these 4)
i like to jump around swap toons and such.


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pulled one from Feywild wilderness this last weekend. Have pulled 2 others from the optional chest in The home of memory.