Complete Cleric DA guide


Hello everyone

My name is decorp and I am a cleric main on the Orion server
Well, I am today.
This is my last racial life and now I need to go focus on iconic and archetypes lives from now on out.

So I am sharing my build and ideas for the world to profit after running about 33 racial lives as a cleric.

First thing first, What makes a cleric great:
  • You have a ton of spells and spell like abilities
  • You get some of the most amazing spells (some from other classes)
  • Versatility because of this is just amazing.
  • You also can gain some insane defensive abilities from the dark apostate form ill go over later.
What is a cleric not so good in
  • You have long cool downs
  • Spells cost a ton and you don’t have much spell points in heroics
    • Both of these changes in epic due to spell cool down reduction and spell cost reduction
  • Tough time killing some constructs
  • but none of this compares to the worst aspect of the cleric. People expect you to heal full time even if you could insta-kill, kill or CC way harder then some of the other party members.
Now I am not saying you shouldn’t heal, I’m saying you cant do everything. Here is a reminder that spells do have a cool down to each other so you cant cast 2 spells at the same time.

I usually focus on damage spells first, insta kill spells second, healing spells last.

As an example when I am running in R10 groups I can either
A: Hard engage / Blow up the doom reaper for a large chunk of his hit points, and hope someone else has the ability to follow up on this damage.
B: Do absolutely nothing and wait for the tank to lose 90% of its hit points so you can hit him with a heal.

The people I run with understand, in order to run high level reaper you don’t need a character that does everything, you only need to do one thing very well. They just accept the cleric icon as a full instakilling / damage spellcaster.

This guide has two build paths.
  1. One for leveling really quickly
  2. One for running high level reaper content in the endgame with a higher spell DC.
Both are similar and only differ only in feats taken past level 9.
The leveling variant has no issue running r6-r8. Its r10 that makes your dc fail a little bit more

I am also not a fan of heavy armor, I usually go robe / light armor + evasion and insightful reflexes
Together with high saves you can get a decent amount of damage prevention.
I do get blown up in some quests(mostly physical effects), and other quests I run through almost everything(traps etc)

Lets start off at level 1
Not gonna lie, clerics don’t have good offensive spells at level 1 to 6. Therefore I melee with a 2h quarterstaff until level 7.
My proffered abilities split is: 8str, 8dex, 12 con, 16 int, 18 wisdom, 14 charisma.(i have allot of past lives that gives me more hit points, otherwise lower charisma or int, put 2 more point into con)
Feat: I do always take Maximize at level 1 for when I switch to spell casting at level 7.
My skills are always spend into UMD, Heal, Spellcraft, then search, then diplomacy, bluff or intimidate. (those last 3 are for quest reasons, not combat)
My alignment is always non-lawfull. For item reasons.

At level 1 you should level up by eating daily dice orbs.

If you don’t any orbs just farm:
  • storehouse secret,
  • home sweet sewer,
  • and the first two quests of the baudry chain to level up
These quests can be completed without fighting anything

Low levels I use a bunch of potions
  • Bull strength Potions
  • Heroism Potions
  • Rage Potions
  • Haste Potions
  • Jump Potions
  • Remove curse Potions
  • Remove Desease Potions
  • Lesser restoration Potions
Besides potions I also always carry scrolls:
  • Raise dead scrolls
  • Resurrection scrolls
  • invisibility scrolls
  • Teleport scrolls
  • Dimension door scrolls
  • Greater restoration scrolls

At level 2

You get a domain, I always go death domain as its one of the strongest in both leveling and endgame.
I also always take sprint boost first from falconry with my ap, as I want to zerg through quests as quickly as I can.

Also at level 2 you should equip a nicked weapon from the sharn syndicate chain, this will carry you to level 6 to platinum weapons or level 7 where you actually switch to spell casting.
Don’t forget to activate epic past lives, as it can increases your melee damage by quite a bit. (enchant weapon, ancient power, razorclas shifter anad doublestrike)

At level 3
Feat: Take Quicken.
you get soundburst, a area of effect spell. this makes melee-ing monsters to death very easy as its a stun.

Don't forget you are also a cleric and you get turn undead.
I encourage making a turning necklace(Sacred Necklace of Eternal Faith min level 1), together with 3 past lives of regular cleric and the level 2 spell “seek eternal rest” you can instakill entire groups of undead at this level by pressing a button.

This makes the quest chains like catacombs or necro a cakewalk, even in higher level reaper.

If you don’t have enough past lives as a cleric, get mighty turning from radiant servant or dark apostate.

Level 4
You get to spend reaper points.
Take the level 2 spell Find trap. This one gives you an insight bonus to search. Alowing you not only search for traps(not disable them). This bonus helps finding secret doors.

Level 5:
You get an amazing spell like ability called necrotic ray from your death domain, this is a level 6 spell other classes get at level 11, you get it at level 5. This just blows up reapers or anything else that is not immune or absorbs negative damage.

You can also equip fey wild gear and grab the coffee potions. One of the coffee potions (+10 jump) stack with the +10 jump regular potion. Allowing you to make most jumps with heroism, bulls strength and rage potions.

for spells you should grab prayer. This spell buffs you, debuffs enemies for a few minutes. It primary buffs your saves, and gives a bonus to (all) skills. So give it to trap monkey’s.

Level 6
Feat: Take the empower feat
equip the other tales pack items for spare slots, also you can switch to platinum weapons like the bankroll.

Level 7
You can now reset all your Action points and spend most of it in the divine disciple tree.
While it looks nice to go full necro its weak at this level.
Get holy smite(sla) in T4 of this tree. Unholy blight works similar, however does not effect reapers at the moment(Bug) even with the T5 ability.
Drag it to a hotbar and activate quicken, maximize, and empower for the SLA(does not increase spell costs).

Also grab the holy smite(spell) and drag it next to it, Only activate quicken for the spell varient.

Most rooms die casting the spell, followed by the spell like ability. If something still alive you can cast the spell again after a few seconds. The spell has way lower cooldown but higher mana consumption and lower damage. But I always cast the spell first so it gets off cooldown faster incase the monster survives the SLA.

You should also take the 3rd core from Divine disciple on the right side, dark to get enervation.

This spell is amazing versus monsters that tend to disappear. But is specific amazing to the witch in the witch hunt quest. You only need to hit her 3 times in order to kill her with it. Ive also killed her with this spell + necrotic ray crit.

Also don’t forget to switch active epic destiny’s from melee mode to more casting based ones.

Level 8:
nothing special

Level 9
You get flame strike, maximized, empowered and quicken this spell kills entire groups alone. If they do just throw your almost free holy smite sla after it.
You also get immunity to level drain from death domain.
This level I grab my 2 planer girds from the bank to get the Greater Heroism buff(+4 saves and skills). Or to cast it on a trapper if he needs it.

Level: Take mental toughness
endgame DC: take wizard past live / spell focus

Level 10
You get to spend more reaper points
also awesome barovia gear.

Level 11
You get level 6 spells.
Level 6 contains some of the nicest spells, but more then you can prepare
Blade barier, comet fall are the other 2 ones you have to fight annoying constructs that are imune to light, aligned and negative.
Greater dispell can be taken from scrolls but is nice in some quests to disable spell wards, and to get rid of deathward of some monsters(anoying to do aswell).
Heroes feast can be scrolled.
Harm and heal are awesome healing abilities
Then you have necrotic ray and sunbeam if you take the ability at level 12 core from the Divine disciple tree, see level 12.

Level 12
Respec and take sunbeam! In the core from Divine disciple.(youll lose enervation)
This is the only spell that effects some monsters like wiz king. You also 1 shot them with it if you crit.

After this you can go 3 routes with AP
1) get back sprint boost to get through quests quicker
2) get mighty turning from dark apostate if you wanna run allot of undead quests
3) grab greater color spray from feydark illusionist if you wanna run higher reaper content and need CC for reapers

Level: Take improved mental toughness
Endgame DC: spell focus / improved spell focus / heighten

Level 13
You get level 7 spells.
Take symbol of stunning. This is a mine that you place. Then then activates and stuns everything in a decent sized circle. Everything monsters enter this circle they have to make another save or be stunned.
This is a decent spell for raids such as the beatles in Dryad and the demigods, or in packs such as sharn if you know where monsters will spawn.

Destruction is another instakill spell you can get. Together with slay living you start getting more instakill spells.
I never take resurrection at this level as I can scroll it. I usually take it a few levels after.

You also get inflict serious wounds… its a decent damage spell… see VOD or LOB down below

Level 14
You get destruction Spell Like ability!
You now have 3 instakill spells. I always setup my 2nd hotkey bar with these.

You also get inflict serious wounds. This spell is amazing
1d6 + 10 damage per caster level, max CL 40!
its also a wisdom saving throw for half damage, so you cant evade it. And wisdom is one of the lowest saves in the game for monsters.

So at CL 31( level 32) ive got it setup it does almost 410 points of damage base… its almost a ruin MASS, that can also heal you if your in undead form.

Level 15:
Deathpact is nice to higher level reaper to get up to your feat quickly.
Sunburst is nice for some situations. It can instakill some undead
Holy aura is another stacking save buff(+4 sacred). This with GH and prayer gives you a really good amount of saves allround.
You also get Sharn gear
Feat: I take Insightfull reflexes (int to reflex save)

Level 16:
nothing special?

Level 17:
You get level 9 spells!

Celestial bombardment is an amazing damage spell. Even when not focused on fire.
Divine Wrath is a spell nice to keep in your damage spell cycle. Because it heals your group as well as do damage.
Implosion. Your divine wail of the banchee varient. It is an evocation spell. So the dc will be lower then your other instakill spells. But should still be okay.
You can select the target of your implosion spell by swinging your scepter at the enemy you wish to implode. Let this by known as the “Decorp manouvre”. Not allot of people know of this one :).

I also have an upgrade for the boots.

Level 18:
Feat: Heighten

Level 19
nothing special

Level 20
You get epic destinies and borderland scepters!

Here is when I switch to undead form.
Respec and pick up Shadow shrouding from the dark apostate tree.

My leveling scepter at 20 is an “Epic Scepter of Nullification”.
I have a +17 heal augment in the red augment slot

These are the filigree’s I currently have in this sentient weapon:
Keeper of the curse rare (+13 negative spell power )
Keeper of the curse (+20 negative healing amplification)
The Inevitable grave rare(+13 negative spell power )
The Inevitable grave rare (+20 negative healing amplification)
Darkhallow (+9 negative spell power )
Darkhallow (+20 negative healing amplification)
Darkhallow (+1 constitution)
Unbreakable (+20 negative healing amplification)

Set bonus gives me +30 negative healing amplification and +30 universal spell power.

Total I get 110 negative healing amplification from this item alone! And a sick amount of damage.
In endgame i can switch back to this scepter and heal myself for decent damge during combat

Epic destiny’s I just pick up the dragonic incarnation shadow breath weapon and mantle.
The good stuff is at level 23 / 26. not here.

Level 21:
You get more reaper points to spend! Get that +100 hp in the core

Leveling: Wellspring of Power
Endgame DC: Arcane Insight

Level 22:
Destiny feat: Epic spell power negative

Level 23:
Get inevitable from dragonic incarnation. This makes any spell hit the enemy with a damage over time that hits for amazing damage. This can also heal undead. If your fighting undead turn your mantle off.

I also take shadowcaster (T3) from the shadow dancer tree (-10% spell cooldowns)

Level 24

Leveling: Intensify
Endgame DC: Embolden

Level 25
Destiny feat: Epic spell power light

Level 26:
Amazing upgrades

Darkest luck in shadow dancer gives evasion!
Gaping Maw, Pull from the welspring and dragon speed from dragonic incarnation is one of the best T4 abilities in the game.

Level 27
Leveling: Epic reflexes ( makes you immune to traps and most spells with evasion and high reflex)
Endgame DC: Ruin

Level 28:
Destiny feat: Epic spell power positive
Allround gear upgrade from the level 15/17 sets.

Level 30
Leveling: Burst of glacial Wrath (more cc)
Endgame DC: Greater Ruin

Level 31:
Destiny feat: Crush weakness

Level 32


Level 2
Weapon: Nicked quarterstaff(
Trinket: Runic Trinket (

Cannith Crafted:
Body: Fearsome outfit of invulnerability
Ring: Blindness Ward Ring of Nullification (holds my masters gift)
Goggles: Underwater Action goggles of true seeying (nice until endgame)
Necklace: Sacred Necklace of Eternal Faith

I have a reaper helm and gloves form borderlands (level 1). Only eqeup those for the reaper bonus.

Silence of the lambs
Death smile

level 3
Bracers: Bracers of wind(blurry is nice)
Trinket: Book of spirits if you need to hit reapers.

Level 4
Ring: Ring of elemental Essence(nice allround eqeupment bonus to spell power)

Level 5 (feywild stuff)
Body: Robe of Autumn winds( +3 dex, masters gift)
Head: Crown of snow(+3 str)
Trinket: Vibrant purple ioun stone(+200 sp, +3 spell pen)
Belt: Belt of the Ram(sonic res +10)
Ring2: Ring of fall’s decay(Fire res 10)
Boots: Thorn Boots (+75 Fortification augment)
Gloves: Deadringers(+10 acid res)
Ring1: Ring of spring storm(untill I hit level 7, then is switch to Ring of summers heat)
Bracers: Green dragonscale Bracers(resistance +3)

Level 6
Cloak: Platinum Mirror Cape
Necklace: Platinum Prayer Beads
Weapon: Bludgeoning bankroll
Clickie: Sapphire studded buckles ( 5 min Shield)

Level 7
Prince scepters
Coasced Coinage(this one is also nice towards epics). Just more social skills
Twisted talisman as clickie if you need spell points

Level 9
2 Planar girds for greater heroism

Level 10:
Body: Barrovian Nobles Regelia (masters gift)
Goggles: Garstone Lenses (+5 dex)
Head: Cannith crafted +2 insightfull wisdom, +5 resistance, +14 shelering. (water breathing)
Necklace: Kindred Spirit (+15 fire res)
Trinket: Still the same ioun stone as level 5
Cloak: Silverthread Cloak (+15 acid res)
Belt: Silverthread Beld (+10 heal)
Ring2: Cannith crafted +6 con, +21 false life, insightfull phys sheltering (heavy fort)
Boots: Flightfoot greaves(fear immunity)
Gloves: Blurfindered gloves (+18 healing amp)
Ring1: Deathwarden or summer heat ring
Bracers: Bracers of the fallen hero
Weapon1: Barrovian Scepter (+70 radiance)
Weapon2: Mistfallen Orb

level 15
Body: Blessed bulwark (sapphire of good luck 1) I dislike h-armor
Goggles: Collective sight: +8 wisdom, +3 insightfull con (+6 natural armor)
Head: Arcsteel Brim
Necklace: Conduit of the Soul(deathblock)
Trinket: GOMF +8 insightfull heal, +8 charisma, +14% void lore(+30 cold res)
Cloak: Hallowed Trail(+13 spellcraft)
Belt: Black Satin Waist (fire res 30)
Ring2: Celestial Sapphire Ring(Acid res 20)
Boots: Same as level 10.
Gloves: Cannith crafted +16 heal, +94 nullification +47 devotion (negative healing amp 24, dex 6)
Ring1: The Shattered Onyx +3 insightfull wisdom(protection +5)
Bracers: Hallowed Castigators ( masters gift)
Weapon1: Macabre scepter (fear imunity)
Weapon2:Stygian Wrath (+20 vitality / hp)

Level 17
Boots: Sunken slippers(Topaz of necromancy)

Level 18
Just some clikies
Cannith boots of propulsion
Mysterious bauble(major pot)
Morah’s belt (+30 jump)

Level 20
Scepter of nullification(+110 negative healing amp, see up top)
Ring of spell storing as clickie

Level 29
Body: The Legendairy Leaf Mail (false life 48)
Goggles: Legendairy Magewright Spectacles quality int +3 (greater heroism)
Head: Faedark Faerielight (greater evocation)
Necklace: -. not have a good item at this level.
Trinket: Legendairy 5 rings, Charisma +13, spell master +4, Resistance +10, quality wisdom +3
Cloak: Legendairy magewright cloak(+32 defence)
Belt: Legendary bronze dragonscale belt(insightfull con +5)
Ring2: Legendary Celestial Sapphire Ring(draconic soul gem)
Boots: Green steel +35 spell crit damage for negative spells
Gloves: Gloryborne Gloves (greater necromancy topaz)
Ring1: The Legendary Shattered Onyx (+2 festive int)
Bracers: Band oif Diani ir’Wynarn(glove of true imp blood, heavy fort, festive wisdom +2)
Weapon1: The Legendary Prince’s Sceptre
Weapon2: Legendary Stygian Wrath

Level 32
Necklace: Legendary Twisted Talisman (+50 negative amplification)

Shadow Shrouding (undead form)
Here is the description:

Shadow Shrouding: Alternate Form: Shroud yourself in Necromantic Energies and assume the form of a Shadow. While in Shadow form, you are considered an Undead, gain a base 100% Fortification, and may heal from Negative Energies. This healing comes at a cost - Undead naturally only take 50% healing from Positive Energy and take 100% more damage from Light. You gain +2 Wisdom and +2 Constitution, as well as +5% Incorporeality and Concealment as your form is partially obscured and intangible. This is a Major Form.

You are an undead, most people think this just involves the healing bonus / penalty but this does way more. Read here for a more complete list:

Here are some examples:
Lord of blades:
The lorb of blades can try to hit you with Mighty Blow Stun followed up by a special slam attack.
Since you are now immune to his stun.

A Vision of destruction
You get healed by negative energy.
The boss in here constantly spams curses on you and everyone making you imune to healing.
You can self heal via negative energy and ignore this curse

In both Vod and Lob, you can tank the boss by shield blocking, wait for the boss to attack, then when he hits you to counter it by hitting him with a mass crit. Healing you in the process. If this isnt enough healing, you can serious mass, if this is enough etc.... Moderate -> light, then harm yourself.

Negative healing is abit funky btw. not working mathmeticly. Harm hits yourself fore more then crit mass.

Dryad and the Demigods
The unicorns sometimes do massive negative damage
They tent to heal you now.
You are also immune to level drain with the death domain.

You also don’t need water breathing as you don’t breath, also immune to many sleep spells most kinds of stat damage. You don’t get fatigued anymore. This together with high saves, no fail on 1 abilities and evasion. You are pretty tanky except for physical things like doom reaper attacks.

As for races, ive done most of the races as a cleric.
Shifter was one of the strongest because of the high wisdom, but some races were really fun like half orc(you can now open locked stuff), also the first 6 levels were very easy with the horc rage.

This was about 12 pages of information. Ask me anything xD


Here are my enhancement at endgame

And depending on whether i have ruin or not, i go T5 in draconic, or T5 in shadow dancer


And for a full thing, here are my current reaper points
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