Cool Looking Plate Armour


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i see a particular type of plate armour in game that players are wearing. i wish i could screen cap one but missed the chance. does anyone know what im talking about it looks very modern for ddo and not the typical sprayed on plate armour.


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Do you maybe mean this one ?

It´s quite common and one of my favorites.
that one is looking rad as well.

but i found it!!

it's exactly how i envision my questing knight arthurian paladin get up. will do profane things for a crack at this armor. i unfortunately missed the window. :-(

already have the perfect cosmetic sword in mind. if they made a matching shield. i may end giving ssg all my money!


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You might have luck trying on tons of lootgen armor. Every now and then the combo looks really good and probably no one else will use it.

For my main I have 3 lootgen armors glammered.