core 5 Death Stalker Sneak Speed stacking?


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Hey folks,
planning a hc char for next season (i know its a long time, but hey ;) )
I love Stealth play and as it defintly has a place in Hc if u dont go Reaper too much, i wondered if anyone can tell me, if the Core5 Death stalker 25% sneakspeed is stacking with the usual Sneak speed enhancements for example in Deepwoodstalker T2 faster sneaking. This alone would be a reason to go 18lvl Dh for me otherwise i most likely wont and would consider Deathstalker C5 pretty crap and redundant. But who knows?

Has someone tested it or likes to do it for me, as i dont have a playable Computer here atm.

Thx in Advance and happy Gaming



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I took a pure 20 DH, got the DWS sneak speed, checked the character sheet in sneak and it said 95%

Added the lvl 18 core DH and the move speed in sneak went to 107%


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Thx for the fast answer !
I dont understand fully how this numbers are calculated i must confess....but
great News , sounds like stacking to me :)