Dark Hunter build feedback requested


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The general idea is a scimitar wielding DEX-based elf DH build using Horizon Walker for the DEX trance. Often going to run solo, so trying to max out opportunities to get sneak damage through Shadowdancer, Smoke Trap, Bluff, Improved Feint, and Exposing Strike as well as debuffs from Mark, Smoke Trap, etc.

AP distribution:
14 (including 2 universal) into HW to get No Step Missed plus the third core for more debuffs
41 Tempest
11 DWS to get Exposing Strike
16 Dark Hunter (as much imbue and sneak as possible but this is where I feel starved)

With all of the free feats from Ranger it’s no problem to fit in Improved Feint and the Dragonmark of Shadow for a bit more sneakiness and Invisibility (plus I’ve got racial APs to spare for extra dragonmark uses.)

Looking for feedback here on the AP spread or any obvious gaps in logic. There were two options I looked at but discarded:

Lose DWS and put more into Dark Hunter to get to the 4th core and a significant boost to sneak damage up to 1/6 of the time post Invis. The 5/6 downtime and general awesomeness of Dance of Death right before Exposing Strike and other debuffs was what swayed me but I’m interested in other input.

Harper for KtA which frees enough points for the 4th core in Dark Hunter, but my INT is going to be at least 16 behind DEX given how many more are available through starting base points, racial PLs, Tempest capstone, etc. So in this case the full uptime of (at least) +8 greater damage from HW DEX trance won out.

Are there other better choices out there? I’ve looked at a lot of different posted builds but most of them seem to rely on a pretty hefty investment in a stat that I’d otherwise neglect for trance or to hit purposes. While there are some dead points invested n HW to get to the DEX trance, that does allow me to focus on one stat that serves multiple purposes.

Not all that worried about gear - I assume a medley of Sharn and Forbidden Knowledge or IoD sets to cover artifact and profane bonuses with other items to fill in the gaps. Until everything is invalidated with the next couple of releases.


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21 in DWS for +1 crit range is a good choice, unless you're skipping that deliberately.
Thanks, yeah not going that far in DWS was a very tough cut for me but I got a bit wrapped up in trying to grab the extra imbue dice deeper in DH. There’s 1 AP I could get by not getting the third HW core but the rest would basically have to come from DH. So I guess only get the one bleed imbue die plus Smoke Trap.