DDO Client - cant go into The Harbor, any ideas to manage this ?


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Hi All. I have had a number of times now in 2023 on Khyber that the DDO client has stopped working with "The connection to the server has been lost" error, usually when going from one area into the harbor. When I restart the client the character cannot be loaded. When this occurs other characters will load but can not go into the harbor without the client failing with "The connection to the server has been lost" after some times as well. I can go to another server and characters will load and can go into the harbor. At some point this problem stops and I can load the character but I usually have to stop playing for several hours until it does. Any advice on managing this problem would be appreciated ?

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Wow! This sounds crazy.

As I have never heard of this before, my guess is the problem is at your end. Have you enabled the "Network Status Display"? Does it show anything unusual? High Latency or Loss Rate? If the network connection seems sound, you may have a corrupted install. I hate to suggest it, but perhaps deleting and re-installing the client will resolve the issue.

Best of luck with this!


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Thanks for the suggestions Mand O'Lin. It's good to know its not a more common problem. Network isn't lagging when this happens, but the install is not at all fresh. I'll reinstall and see what happens.

Thanks again for your thoughts.


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Does it say "Cleaning up old connection" when you try to login after the DDO Client crash. Then fail to just load just one certain Character, i.e. typically the last one you were playing on before it disconnected.

I wonder if your DDO 'UserPreferences.ini' file has become corrupt?

I know in the past if I deleted the text under the section [User_1] in that file it would correct a similar login issue (relating to one server). I think occasionally the 'LastPlayed' timestamps get corrupted and the game gets confused.

For example, using file: UserPreferences.ini (within /Dungeons and Dragons Online/ folder – same one where your DDO screenshots go depending upon your OS)


It should be safe to delete that specific text under the UserName line, and the game will rebuild those login lists when you next login to a specific world. Your list will look slightly different (i.e. Worlds/times listed) but you just need to delete ALL those text lines entirely which are below UserName. Taking care you only delete those lines and not other sections then save the file.

Then try running the DDO client as normal, you possibly won't need to reboot the PC first, after saving the file changes but it never harms.

Do NOT delete [User_1] or UserName=your_login_name of course your own login name will be there not the place holder in my example.

Of course make a backup copy of the file first and ONLY delete the lines I've mentioned. I cannot guarantee it will work but know in the past I've done similar when I've had login issues with one specific server only but know the Server was functional and it successfully resolved the issue.

Another option would be to 'power cycle' (reboot) your Router (not reset) if editing the UserPreferences.ini had no effect. Because the server is functional but needs to clear your Character login debris.
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