Does Draconic Power Attack stack with Improved Power attack?


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Title pretty much says it all. IPA is from the warforged racial enhancement and DPA is from the fighter ravager enhancement.

I could not find an answer on the forums and from tests they don't seem to stack but I could be wrong.

Or... they could be intended to stack but don't don't because of a bug.

Thanks all.


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How are you verifying if they stack or not?

Well, I made the mistake of not taking baseline numbers before taking the IPA so this is mostly an eyeball test. I was whacking away at the training dummy in my ship and did not see any noticeable uptick in damage that I would expect if they stack. Not scientific, I know.

I would rather not reset my enhancements to do a more accurate test if someone already knows the answer. The descriptions don't help at all - they just say "+3 additional points of damage" but doesn't give a type.


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It should stack. Power Attack is a toggle, and the dmg increase is shown in the Details (C). so if you toggle it on/off you should be able to draw conclusions.


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Stacks and doubles for thf, for a juicy +22 dmg at level... 2?

Also, it does not seem to reduce to-hit bonus, viewed via weapon breakdown on inventory sheet thing... either visual bug or not WAI? Unsure.