Dual Wield (2WF) Swords Eldricht Knight Build

Is the above build possible? I know it's probably not optimal but that is the kind of build I would like to play. Any ideas? Was thinking about starting with Dark Hunter for a level but that may be a terrible idea.
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I'd go pure 20 Wiz as EK benefits from as many Wiz levels as possible. You'll have enough feats to get the TWF line (though GTWF won't come until 21), Improved Crit, Precision, Knight's Training, and a few metas, as well as Spell Focus/GSF, all without going human. 12 points in Harper Agent for trance and INT to hit/dam, 41-42 points in EK, rest in PM for shroud/healing.


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14/6 DH wouldnt be bad either. Obviously you're just using Wiz for buffs/heals at that point, but Dance of Death is just such a game-changer for TWF (unless you're specifically building for raiding). I'd probably do it with Daggers (Kukris at cap) for VKF since you wont have any crit enhancements with Longsword.

INT based makes the AP really tight but it barely works (35 Tempest, 21 VKF, 6 PM, 12 Harper, 6 EK). You'll have to find the ASF somewhere though to use Med armor.