Epic Eldritch Blast and Epic Pact Dice vs Prerequisite: Warlock Level 12+


Acolyte of th Skin can autogrant pact feats when levels as Acolyte or can pick feats manualy when leveling other classes. Its similar design to monk stances... but why this design ends at heroic levels?
Epic feats require 12 levels of warlock anyway and damage from blast is not enought for heroics to be main source of damage. If someone picked 2 or 3 feats manually why to block epic progress?
Change Prerequisite to: Warlock Level 12+ or Ultimate Pact Attunement.

PS. To consider Greater Pact Attunement (which is 12 level feat vs Ultimate Pact Attunement which is 18 level feat )



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Complained about that same issue on the old forums. I hope they modify both those feats' requirements to that so it opens a lot more build options with AotS blaster multiclassing.