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So I did Chrono raid on epic elite (lvl 21 base) a couple of days ago. And most of the group were level 32 toons. And I sort of.. got no XP penalty?..
Can someone please explain how XP calculations are different on epic and legendary levels as I've always thought that same rules as in heroics would apply.
I do know that reaper rules (4 lvls higher than base) still apply. And power-leveling does not apply (4 or more lvls lower than the highest in party), but as for the rest - I'm confused now.
Is it some sort of raid specific rule?
Is there no penalty for being significantly higher in lvl than the quest's base on epics?
Then would you still get bravery bonus if you are over the quest's actual level?


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Power leveling has no effect (so them being 32 doesn't effect you).
Reaper lockout is base + 6
Bravery bonus range is base + 4
At 20 you can go into a 32 legendary quest and get full XP.
If you're 30+ (legendary class levels), you only get XP from legendary quests (so while you can do epic quests for loot/fun, you won't get XP).
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Over level penalties also do not apply in epics. So you can be level 29 and get full xp running a level 20 quest. Even a level 20 heroic quest just to make things more confusing.
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I wish i could still raid on my 32 alts but with most being r1 and a 26 max kind of sucks

Remove the rxp if thats what it takes just for the funz so we can r1-10 von and adq and others
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what matters in the OP were those whimps doing the raid at level 32.

On Cannith we ran it on R3 with a group up until level 24 yesterday. Didn’t go well (I killed lots of stuff anyway…). So we entered again on EE and it still went…rather slowly…ok Doctor got that off my chest.
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Ya but all my alts are 32 not 26 see my problem

Can't join if you can't join and they want to keep upping the max cap levels so they should just remove it from raids
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