Savage's Husband
(request number 303511)
I sent:

I applied the underdark character bank slots, advertised as additional slots, to a character who had only purchased one character bank expansion. After applying I can no longer purchase character bank slot two, only three and four are available.

I got back:

Greetings (my RL name here),

Thank you for your inquiry. This is working as intended as the maximum amount of bank slots is 120 with the introduction of this pack. I hope this clears things up!

Kind regards,
Senior Customer Support
Standing Stone Games

I THOUGHT my explanation of the problem was clear, I had three (2, 3, &4) bank slot expansions available in the store before I bought the supporter pack. After I bought the pack, I only had two (3 & 4) available to me in the store. My max did not change, still 100. Not 120 as *mutters a name under my breath* said.

It is things like this that make a long time player walk away.