Guild Recruiting


Hello all, I am guild leader of Chimera. We are looking for a few more players to join the guild. We are all experienced and have been playing the game since the year it came out. We are easy going, a big part of the game for us is hanging out with friends, destressing, joking around, chit-chatting - but we also get through content quickly, raid regularly, are on the TR train a lot - any new guildies should have someone to game with if they are online. Anyone new to the game is also welcome, we will definitely do our best to provide you with support so you can enjoy what the game has to offer! We have been very fortunate to have a drama-free guild over the years and want to keep it that way. Typical play times are weekdays 8-10pm Eastern, various times during the weekend. Please reach out to Sparty if you want to hang out and see if the guild is a good fit for you.
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