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The level 21 to 24 rogues you can buy from the hire venders can't find the boxes. X_X You know, the entire purpose of thier existance. In quests at proper level to them. The hirelings desperately need overhauls on their actual builds to be updated to the current game, it's not just ai issues with them.
Agreed, the Rogue hirelings really need to be updated as far as their skill levels. If someone with 1 lv of rogue can find a trap on an Epic/Legendary Elite/Reaper quest, a PURE Rogue hireling should also be able to find it and disarm it.


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Rogue hirelings

All Rogue Hirelings should be Drow with the Nothing is Hidden III enhancement, had enough Search/Spot/Listen and Equipament to match their Level.

I know the devs intend and the nature of DND is to players group up, but making hirelings usefull for those whom can't (or don't want to) group is
at least the minimum.


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...Second, in the quest Best Laid Plans SSG moved the shrines in the basement, now when I tell a hire to rest at that shrine they open the door to go to where the shrine once was.
Something similar, in What Sleeps Below hirelings always seem to try to use one of the shrines from behind the wall even when you call them to stand right in front of the shrine, they will run out of the room and try to use it from the wrong side of the wall.