Impossible Demands -- where are the minions?


Just ran Impossible Demands on elite. As usual, after a brief fight Vicala fled into the central room where I expected to find the hostages and several drow. The hostages were there, but no dark elves. I killed Vicala without much difficulty, but weren't there supposed to be minions? I am level 21, and had a level 20 hireling.


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yes they are all hanging out in that first room. Many activate from your movement when you enter. If you sneak in, they remain inactive and you can even pick them off one by one.

Either you snuck in and dropped her while standing in place or you ran into some bug.


Bug then. I did not sneak in, did not stand still, and the minions were not inactive -- they were not present at all.


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Used to be if you could drop the Priestess fast enough you could prevent the Paladin from getting drained... but SSG changed it so he dies no matter what now... can still glitch the priestess to -millions health though if you manage to box her in and just beat on her till it gets boring (hint: it never gets boring) LOL
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