In the Belly of the Beast RECURRING Bug


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I am sure other players have experienced this and am hoping there is a work-around besides restarting the quest.

During the "destroy the worms" phase the quest bugs out. Worms stop appearing, quest doesn't advance and nothing happens. Sometimes after killing the red named first worm (the kill the worm in under a minute optional) and sometimes while killing the subsequent orange named worms.

This used to happen before the ED pass. Especially in Shiradi Destiny or using Colours of the Queen. Work-around back then was to swap ED for the quest and turn Colours off.

Now though, even with Colours off and not using Shiradi the quest bugs the same way.

The quest itself is easy enough for me to complete when not bugged. I *could* just re-run the quest but after so many years of playing and so many years of this bug (and others) NEVER being addressed I get too angry, log out and take a breather.


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I ran this a week ago. Didn't get the bug. At one point I thought this was fixed.
Anyway this is a annoying bug. We have been doing this quest and skipping WGU in the saga since we are way over cap by time we hit that chain.


It's definitely not fixed. Ran it twice in the last few days, and it bugged both times. Solo'd on elite with a rogue/monk melee-type - the first worm (gives the XP if killed quickly) is killable, but one or more of the other three weaker worms just vanished mid-fight, leaving the quest uncompletable.

I'll be avoiding this quest till further notice, I think. Shame it's needed for one of the sagas in Eveningstar.


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It's an annoyingly intermittent bug. The first time I ran it I got the bug but the next several times I ran it it worked fine and then the next run it bugged again. Rinse and repeat for years.


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I believe what's happening is that a worm gets stuck from appearing. You can kill them with AOE's and advance the quest, but its definitely broken.


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I haven't run into this lately, although it has happened. Guess I have just been lucky.

Now if my Arcane Archer tree would just stop resetting every day.