Just look in the mirror...


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If you are trying to get named loot, Treasure Hunter's won't help with that, you need Elixir of Discovery (simple, greater, sov.).


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... and smack yourself in the head with a shoe saying over and over " I will not reroll loot for shards while wearing treasure boost potion "
You still ain't going to get Jack.

That is all.
So very true, I've wasted so much money on this rng junk, with full greater elixirs, discovery, and the purple loot boosts going on elite and reaper and it's still garbage 99% of the time. Most of the time the re-rolls are worse than the initial roll, always giving gobs of spell components, substandard potions or 5+ different low level scrolls of something I can't use or a bunch of throwing things/arrows/bolts. . .which just get left in the chest with the rest of the trash.
By the by, so far the only way I've found to get the elixirs is by spending more money on gold dice rolls. Sense they aren't in the actual ddo store. It's a predatory marketing gotchapon tactic, and pretty sickening to be honest.