Kelas Volatile Mixture Orb


I don't see a forum for item discussion so I thought I'd post his here.

I have a lvl 32 thrower that normally has an Attuned dino throwing's dagger in her main hand and a Dino club in her off-hand for vulnerability etc.

I thought I'd try Kelas Volatile Mixture Orb in her off-hand in cases where she needed more defense. However, when I equip the weapon set she no longer throws the daggers.

Equipping a different (non-Dino) throwing weapon with the Orb works fine.

So is this a bug or WAI?


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There's a bug in here somewhere, but there isn't quite enough information for me to work out quite what it is. My first question is, are you still able to make attacks with the daggers but unable to see the projectiles, or unable to attack entirely? If it's the former, it's a graphical bug, which are fairly harmless.

Otherwise, there's an issue with either the Orb or the Attuned Throwing Dagger. Have you tested using the daggers while holding different orbs? If that doesn't work either, we can say the issue is definitely with the Throwing Dagger.

Either way, this would be worth filing an official bug report about.


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The orb is currently coded as a throwing dagger. It supposedly got fixed in U60 according to the preview release notes, but you probably want to test it on Lamannia to be sure.