Mitheriana, transformed to Glory


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This is my continued tribute to someone dearly missed.

This is a well balanced fast striker, designed to have both solid AoE and single target DPS, as well as AoE debuffing and AoE CC. That and 120 tumble, because, um, reasons.

Gear I have pictured here is Vecna Shadows set 3 piece (I think devils is better but this is good enough), tinkerer set 2 piece, mind and matter set 2 piece, and 5 piece IOD with bracer artifact and belt from raid. Sireth kicks up a few notches once death auras make contact with an enemy.

This is an activated attack build, so attack speed isn't relevant.
For AoE, will combo Lotus (15 sec cooldown) with rotation of Rally and Eldritch Tempest (30 second cooldowns each)
Lotus will be 9-20x6 double hit +10%
For red names, we will combo adrenaline with boulder's might
For additional CC and cleanup we have Cat's Scratch +50% and Boulder's Might which is 12-20x5 +50%
Sireth + Eldritch Tempest will be 2-20x6 + 50%, Sireth + Legendary Rally will be 2-20x5 + 50%.
Massive fort bypass and profile will make this consistent against a large number of targets, even if it isn't optimal dps.
Red names in RL had ~150% fort which is standing bypass target to immediately open up with crit, so added a bit more with debuffing for higher level legendary dungeons/reapers.
Eldritch Knight
T5 StuffsFalconry (expendable)T4 Helpless
KoTCT2 Divine MightRacialStaff Stuffs
Tabaxi Trailblazer
3 Monk 5 Paladin, 12 Wizard lawful goodT5 LDRally for AoE, mantle for debuffing vulnerability/fort33
Max + levels Dex, charisma for divine mightT3 FoTWAdrenaline for single target, bypass15
Bypasses and other passives, Epic Will, lotus
MonkForce of Personality
Two Handed Fighting1 (Str 15
PaladinPrecision, Dex 13, Tomes +3
PaladinMonk Stance2
MonkSwords to Plowshares
WizardTwo Handed Fighting2 (Str 17, tomes +4)
Wiz Feat: Quicken
WizardDeath Auras: LGS Dust + OozeIOD Dust + LGS Ooze sentience with Charisma swap in also works for divine might
WizardMonk Stance3
WizardWiz Feat: Extend
WizardImproved Critical: Blunt
WizardTwo Handed Fighting3 (Str 17, tomes +4)Wiz Feat: Eschew
Overwhelming Critical
Two handed Fighting4
Monk Stance4
Epic Fortitude
ArboreaEpic Reflex
Alternate Sharn SetLink
Set Name
GogglesWisdomSpotIns. SeekerDeathblock
Helm Scale-AssFang-AssClaw-AssHorn-AssDread Isles Curse (5)Profane PowerProfane PRRProfane StatsIns. ConFestive Con
Neck Armor PenRelentlessDeadlyTrue SightPart of the Family (3)Fort BypassMelee PowerDoublestrikeHelplessMasters Gift
Trinket Ins. DeceptionDisplacementDread Isles Curse (5)Ins. ChrFestive Chr
Armor FortificationPRRHAMPFalse LifePart of the Family (3)Vitality (Legendary Recipies)
Cloak Q AccQ DeadIns. DoublestrikeIns. Armor PenTumbleConcentration
Wrist-Artifact Scale-AssFang-AssClaw-AssHorn-AssDread Isles Curse (5)Festive DexGlobe
Waist Ins. ShelteringStrLay on HandsDread Isles Curse (5)UndyingUltimatum
Ring Ins. DexDex SkillsDeadlyAccuracyMind and Matter (2)Art 30 PRRArt 30 MRR30 MRR CapArcane EmpowermentMelee Power
Ring 2 ShieldParryResistFortMind and Matter (2)Quick Draw
Boots DodgeAssesory-ScaleSpeedReflexDread Isles Curse (5)ProtNatural Armor
Gloves CannithIns. DoublestrikeSeekerIns. DeadlyPart of the Family (3)LuckGreater Heroism
Weapon FFGoodFoMStuffsDeconstructor
Scale: AssessoryDex-ArtifactCon
Fang: AssessoryPositive Amp - ArtDeception
Claw: AssessoryStun
Horn: AssessoryFort Bypass-ArtGhostly
Fort Bypass150 standing + debuffsSentience
11InsightShattered Fort Bypass
25PrecisionDreadkeeper Melee power
0-XDeconstructor + mantle Debuffs on red names
5Guild Ship
Treachery -50% threat

Heroic leveling will be smooth, just start with double extended death auras and undead form. Epic leveling will also be smooth, since LD Rally doesn't kick in until 32, just use a third ED for healing (EA mantle passively let me level in R4 epics). A sentient bonecrusher at 18 will smoothen out the high heroic to epic transition. Move speed will also make it relatively fast, and you will start with AoE spammable CC with Cat Scratch. Falconry can be eliminated for those lacking AP. The build has no real weaknesses until cap when it is a THF melee dps, with the various pros and cons that brings.

In raid situations where you will be taking large amounts of magic damage that cannot be avoided, since you will be using adrenaline switch to plate + haste. I guess run this as a dex build + divine might. Because we have adrenaline and piles of debuffs, we will still be able to drop those juicy 6 digit bombs single target:


Our AoE though, yes, I'm just going to say yes, and let you experience it for yourself.
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Spell powered inquisitors rule. Hah. Those beautifully designed things can solo R4 Sharn as soon as they ding 20 (R3 Sharn solo at 20 is my default test for a level 20 character being good) and do just fine in a high reaper legendary group at 27. I mean, they may not be ideal for R10 at cap, but they level beautifully. I was leveling mine with only d6 spell powered imbues as well.

I'm trying to mix it up though, can't play inquisitor too many times in a row, although I cleaned up basically all my misc. past lives with it.

Updated everything.
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Have you tried PA mantle? Especially pre-cap? I feel like all the melee mantles are vastly out DPS by the PA mantle. I need to do some deep gnome warlock lives next so I was going to look into a staff build instead of the inquis platform since I think it clears faster. IPS felt so slow and awkward having to back up to keep mobs in line. Not sure if you solved that.


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Yes, that's what I used on inquisitor to solo R4 Sharn @20. Sands gloves/ring acid/poison epic set + boots with insightful/quality spell power. Maximize + empowered PA strike + mantle.

It's what I would use to level this too, swapping some wizard feats for maximize + empower until 26. At 26 drifting lotus stuns and you finally have some medium melee power, so it becomes worth using. Extend + Maximize + Empower from wizard becomes Extend + Quicken + Eschew at 26. Maximize + Empowered negative energy burst also adds to the extended death auras for heroic healing.

I leveled in midskull/high skull legendary reaper groups on inquisitor, so I mostly solved kiting with other players. The rest of kiting I solved by plate + defensive stance + massive healing/defenses. Inquisitor works better than lotus staff at cap for hybrid, because lotus staff at cap loses 2 ring slots for MRR cap, so it doesn't have the same space to fit in spell power.

Chains builds are about twice as powerful as staff builds, so you could look there if you are concerned about leveling speed. While they last of course, which is why I designed a staff build instead. Cat scratch can't exactly compare with a large AoE sextuple cleave. Because you have so much more AoE base on a chains build you can swap to dire charge which stuns reapers, and it works out better, and frees up the slot you need for the sands legendary set since you can wear leather+ which due to having helpless goes .perfectly with vecna armor set.
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I'm happy to see your revival of this build, and I was recently planning on doing something similar, with all three of eldritch tempest, drifting lotus, and exalted smites. Have you tried this post-lotus nerf? I've heard its just a whirlwind attack now, which kills off the best thing I liked about it, the cool and unique animation.


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Not yet. Lotus was a single large AoE, followed by two small area attacks in front of your character. Two large whirlwind hits is more consistent, so this will be as well as can be.

I like having unique animations, but I think Drifting Lotus animations were a bit over the top and screen blinding and could have used a toning down by half.
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Polishing touch, alternative gear set I had from last life, epic leveling with EA mantle, pics.

I think the way they are structuring Ranged/SWF/THF is that Adrenaline + X is 60% of (single) dps. I'm building into the way they are structuring the game, so expecting this build to last as long as game does, and the next two levels to come adding in full adrenaline to kick it up another notch for single target dps. Maybe by then I'll max another sentient gem for a SoS, and go for 175k bombs.

Tests show this can clear R10 dungeons as the primary dps, so this is good enough. In 2 levels it goes plaid with full adrenaline. it's a bit squishy due to how hp pass and stat squish worked out, but ahh well, watch out for blades and remember to rest when your healer runs oom. Not bad for a weapon older than some of the players here... ;)






The saltmarsh sentience path is north to dump, east to church, south to buccanneer, accross water to tower pirate, north west to giant, west to hilltop abishai, nw to crock, south west to dryad, west to salamander?, ne to crate, ruined building troll, frogman, north to griffon, east to displacer, east to shambling mound, NE to champion, and SE to beetle.

IOD sentience path is west of gate to cat, sw to crab and golem, nw to mummy and trex, north to bear, east to ettercaps?, south dip to triceratops, way north to lizardthingy and giant, crest demon, south to water weird, dragon. Form a group and go with 6 for this.
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Hi, I remember reading and re-reading your original build on the old forum, thinking about how i could adapt it for a HC character. IIRC that was a [preferably BF] 15 EK 1 FvS 4 Pal build. I was thinking that changing the 1 FvS to 1 Dark Apostate for the tier 1 Evil damage imbue for 3 AP. I was thinking that this may be better as it scales with spell power and could be harder hitting.


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Ahh the EK imbues scale with spell power as well, so they work pretty much equally well.

That original build is going to last forever, since they can nerf ED healing and empty the tiers 1-4 like I predicted, it doesn't need anything from any of them They did even nerf EK %HP due to DC casters now using it, and it has a backup in paladin SaD, dropping inquisitor.
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Spell powered inquisitors rule. Hah. Those beautifully designed things can solo R4 Sharn as soon as they ding 20 (R3 Sharn solo at 20 is my default test for a level 20 character being good) and do just fine in a high reaper legendary group at 27. I mean, they may not be ideal for R10 at cap, but they level beautifully. I was leveling mine with only d6 spell powered imbues as well.

I'm trying to mix it up though, can't play inquisitor too many times in a row, although I cleaned up basically all my misc. past lives with it.

Updated everything.
Really like the look of ranged build. I'm a recently returned player who wants to try out inquisitive. Is this still viable even after recent changes?


Are the imbues from kotc worth not just going horizon walker? Do you get anything else from paladin levels? That would also give u a bit more fort bypass, and with the current state of orchid blossom I was thinking this might be a good time to revisit this build.

I also thought about a more DPS oriented version with active dodges for r10s using dragon lord t5 uncanny dodges from rogue and monk for fire stance with quarter staff atk speed + double strike enhancements. That was also going razorclaw for the blood rage hp. I also debated trying to fit in tempest active dodge somehow for a handwraps version… still noodling 😀