Morgrave University Upper Commons


The Top Side
A few quick thoughts and comments

Didn't See Randall Lyric or a Fate Singer
Calliope Feldren does not have a Chalise above her head.

I jumped through multiple floating elevators blocks.

You take an Airship from the Upper Commons but arrive in Nymph's Quarters in an elevator, and the reverse.

The Elevator and the portal in Nymph's Quarters to return to the Upper Commons are literally three seconds walking distance apart with out striders on.
Shouldn't the portal be on the upper level of Nymph's Quarters?

Why is Nymph's Quarters a separate instance from the Upper Commons? The appear to use the same map and it gets confusing.

Is there a walkway between Nymph's Quarters and the Upper Commons?

Why is the wall to the east undecorated in Nymph's Quarters. The Big Empty one.

You can use an airship portal to travel from one side of the Upper Commons to the other side (Laerth's Hall) whish is about a fifteen second run and barely a couple seconds savings of time.

Why was the Lower Quad not better intergrated with the two new instances. I mean it would make total sense to put the Lower Quad and Nymph's Quarters into a single instance.

I enjoyed the new artwork for the buildings. I liked the cut out for the Bar on the Bridge, wish Bank, Auction and Trader had the same "cut out" rather than being stuffed on the walk way.