My account is borked


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Seems with all the fixes, my account is suddenly downgraded to Premium. I have always been VIP since 2007.
My account also is not confirming to show that I purchased the ultimate Vecna bundle, but I did get my stuffs.
This is confusing to say the least, what are we to do, and is this going to be fixed????
the new ddo store does not show I have any account subscription, I cannot adjust it to be a VIP, it won't let me......
I am at a loss as to what is going on??
I sure hope I will not be loosing my stuffs.
I bought something with my ddo store points and did not get confirmation email as I usually do... ??? !!!
I've tried to access 'My Account' and cannot do anything in it either.. what is going on??? !!!!

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I know that the store is still bugged and they can't do anything really until it is fixed. That is the response I got from CS three times in different words.
Write a ticket, you can do that without being logged in. List it all so you have it in writing so to speak.
They don't do confirmation mails for shop purchases anymore, iirc.

Good luck.



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I bought something with my ddo store points and did not get confirmation email as I usually do... ??? !!!
Only regarding this point, my impression is that they stopped sending emails for stuff you purchase with points. At least, that's been my experience. Stuff I buy with a credit card, I get a receipt. Stuff I buy with points, I don't. This started with the store "upgrade."


Since 2007 "We're supposed to know stuff??"
ok, so somehow I managed to repair my VIP last night. Not really sure how it worked tho.
I went to My Account site, which stated I was only premium now. I re-entered all of my information and saved it. Then logged into my main server, but did not enter the game, I opened the ddo store from the bottom of the character selection screen (did not go into game as being premium I could not access my main characters and did not want to bork anything further)
opened the 'become VIP' button.

(had to do this a few times) Finally was able to open the membership button I wanted. It took a couple tries to buy, as my method of payment would not go thru (again, no idea but the store kept taking out the 'test money' from my account each time I tried) but finally it worked.
I did get an email saying it went thru.
I then logged off and checked My Account site.

It now says I am a VIP, but I see that it does not say I purchased the Vecna bundle, nor my Fey bundle, nor my Sharn bundle.
Logged back into game and it seems my account is now back to VIP. I am able to access all the bundles I purchased and my characters are intact.
I tested the store and bought something else with ddo points and got my confirmation email working again.

One thing I cannot do is remove some of my payment options that I do not want listed in the DDO store. No idea why.
**Whew, was frustrating.
but I am clueless as to why My Account does not list three expansions in my list of owned ones.
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