New Ticket / Guild Rename


1 1/2 Hour past to try following the FAQ instructions on the site of Standingstonegames with no success. Double & trippel checked ,just in case i am overlooking the link... nope. I browse through the FAQ / Help sections... silence.

FAQ Copy & Past
To request a Guild Rename:
  1. Log into the game on your guild leader character
  2. Press Esc
  3. Click Help
  4. Click 'New Ticket'
  5. Select 'Premium Services' and 'Guild Rename'
It just doesn´t work. Even it is so extremly simple to follow.
Step 1 (OK)
Step 2 (OK)
Step 3 (OK) - New window open ,i must log in Standingstonegames Account (OK to)
Step 4 (Failed) - Where?

I can click on...
(Contact Support) - But there is no Request i want.
(My ticket activity) - I can´t open a new Ticket there either. Contribution / Following is not what i want. Can scroll through Status... doesn´t matter.
(My Name) - A list open (My ticket activity) / (Change Password) / (Sign out). Also not what i want.
(Games) - DDO / LOTRO. Nope
(Forum) - Same as (Games) ,no.
Language - I don´t want to change language.

I am VIP Account.
What do i do wrong?. What am i missing or don´t understand?.