Please, please make Purple Dragon Knights look cool.


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The race is so strong. And I just literally cannot play it right now >.>

It is so bulky, and disproportionate, and off. There are so many ways to pull off a subtly strong or resolute sort of race in a way that is cool. Honestly part of me just pictures them as being a bit taller. Maybe they hold a sword and shield a bit differently.

I would also like the option to just have them look like a "regular" human! That would be sweet.

I really want to experiment with them, but I just can't.


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PDK are good for pulling off one look.


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/signed. Take them down about 50% of the bulk and they will probably look more normal'ish. Still bigger than a standard human, but not "Half-Orc" level of big (they used the Half Orc body model, I believe.. which was not a good choice).


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the female PDK look GREAT imho....i presonally like having different bodytypes in ddo...i do wish the male pdk faces could be changed or more options added...same with deep gnome, i dont know the numbers off the top of my head but females have sooo many more hair options, i think the male have 5?


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I think the males have always looked like Garbage Pail Kids. And yes I realize that ages me. :p

I get wanting different body types but I don't think malformed mutant should be an option. Unless you are in to Taken cookies I guess. I don't know what frame the males were based off... dwarf maybe? sized up? but the females seem like their bodies were modeled after halforcs and that's why they look somewhat better.

I'd hope that by now the artists could make them both look more human maybe just taller with more muscle mass.


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I wont play them either, they look horrendous and should be smaller like a normal human. I'm not complaining about the first elves, the new elves look great. I think what people were looking for was the old elf to be a bit taller and bulkier, just a tad. That is what people wanted just a bit taller for the original elf. The new half elf looks amazing the devs nailed it.


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PDK are the only iconic I can think of where they aren't just based on the vanilla race (human). I think it was because when they added iconics like 15 years ago, they made each one unique visually (shadar-kai, PDK, bladeforged, morninglord). Come to think of it, Morninglord wasn't unique cosmetically huh.